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[NRL] spoiler!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by _joel_, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. this is a spoiler, because FINALLY the dogs played like dogs, and put those sneaky south sydney crowes....i mean rabbitohs back in their burrow!!

    \:D/ :dance: :beer: :blackeye: :beer: :dance: \:D/

    i couldnt be more happy at this point in time, and will "bottoms up" another rum whilst watching the bronco's (hopefully) nail the chooks in the second televised game :grin:

    that is all
  2. Us poor Melbournites don't get any coverage till 12.30am

    Carn the broncos!!!!!!!
  3. oh, i can do results for you :LOL:
    dont tempt me, im drunk.....
    i'll let you watch it :twisted:
  4. Not a good night for the Easter Bunnies, or some other animals either :cry:.
  5. The storm is only just starting to build so all bunnies,sharks broncos and other assorted rable better take cover as they will not be denied again :p
  6. You neglected to tell readers of your last post to ride a kawasaki :p
  7. well, dogs got up \:D/ .....broncos got up :woot: and both in a team shattering fashion.

    now its time to watch the storm, cowgirls and the faiders romp it in to keep the blood out of my alcohol stream :beer:
  8. Great effort from the Broncos.

    I had to tip against them so that they would finally win one :)
  9. hey boys,
    I'm 5 from 5 so far and looking good for a clean sweep.
    Who else is game enough to enter the netrider NRL footy tipping????
    MiickyV9 set it up and i think you can still get an average result for late starters. Probably a goog idea for some to start again with the average :rofl: (joel??)
  10. im in there jeff!
  11. get some more in as I don't want to be king of such a small mountain :rofl: :rofl:
  12. My beloved Sea Eagles are at or near the top of the table with the game to come against the Kiwis this arvo. Hear the scream of the Sea Eagle!

    (I just moved back to Brisbane from Canada, and before that years in Perth and Melbourne, so being able to get back fully into the Rugby League is fan-freakin-tastic.)
  13. I was gunna go to brookie but the sydney weather is shite this easter.
    My lads are still going wearing nothing but garbage bags!
    Me?....I am going to resort to foxtel!!

    Go Eagles!!!!!!
  14. This must be fate! I've decided in my 29th yr on this planet to try new things. NRL & scub diving were the first on my list.
    I was gonna start up a "something new" thread in off topic with the theory being that someone could say... "Hey is anyone into...NRL I wanna check it out/try something new" knowing how helpful Netriders are there would be no shortage of advise, helpful hints or even a Netrider buddy to go along with, especially through Winter (hybernation factor).

    Back to NRL while I think about whether this off topic thread would be worth while...

    If anyone is going to the Bledsloe Cup in June can they let me know? I don't want to go on my own, coz I wanted someone there to explain the rules & how it all works. :roll:

    second week in row the ba@#$ds have cost me!!!

    1st they win a nail biter and this week lose a nail biter.


  16. Union or otherwise known as spewnion is crapola :)

    Carn the Broncos.

    They are not in Melb this year so I am going as an NRL supporter.
    Will try and get to as many games as possible.
  17. Right... What the diff btwn the two? :roll:
  18. you have to be gay to play union!
  19. What a game, Jonathon Thurston vs the Bulldogs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. zippit!!
    it hurts enough as it is :oops: