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NRL rave thread [poss. SPOILER!!]

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by jeffatav, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. I think it is about time we have one place where we can rave on about how bad the broncos are, the doggies are sh@t, the storm are going nowhere etc etc. ( c'mon mexicans. fire up now! :LOL: )

    a place also for bragging rights when ya team gets up............................ or if you are leading a tipping comp (anyone know the latest ladder???? :LOL: )

    I am so p@#ssed off with both the broncos and the panthers.
    Everytime I pick either, they find a way to stuff things up and when I pick against them, they come up with a golden point win (panthers V broncos)

    at the moment there are only 4? consistent teams. Manly, Storm, Cowboys and Titans!

    Go figure!

    Warriors are also nearly there and played well last week in a brookie loss.

    Cowboys v Warriors?????????????

    "I love my footy"
  2. Carn the broncos!!!!

    Good idea.

    I'd like to get to a storm game or 3 this year. Pitty the Broncs aren't coming down to lose again this year.

    I took Blue14 to the tri-nations last year and he enjoyed it.

    See if we can't convert a few more GAYFL supporters
  3. I went to the tri nations game against england with a GAFL mate and he loved it.
    folowed that up with the tri nations final at SFS and that was an awesome game and finish and the crowd was right into it.

    Golden point may have detractors, but it is a really exciting way to finish a game, even if it is not the fairest.

    Should be the loser gets 1 point.
  4. Tigers in golden point....................finally!!

    C'mon raiders!!!
  5. F me dead !!!

    1 point out of 7 !!!

    Holy crap !!! :eek:
  6. tough round to pick this week!

    I am three from seven. C'mon Raiders!!!!!!!!!
  7. Boys, boys,boys!!

    I had a terrible pcking this week (4 from 8) and still managed to put more distance between you lot :LOL: :LOL:

    C'mon lads, pickyagameup!!!!
  8. Hmmmmm.... What can I say but I barrack for the dragons.
  9. I had to go and get the magnifying glass to read the last statement
    :LOL: :LOL: sucker!!! almost as bad as a blind roosters supporter :LOL:

    2 from 8 :(
  11. you think YOU'VE got problems, the roosters couldn't win a chook raffle if they bought all the tickets :(.

    Broncos still did alright with the selections for the Test side, though.....
  12. are you announcing your colours there paul? :LOL:

    we've got a man, still on our payroll, on the inside there dropping balls ;) :rofl:
  13. Well, barracking for the dragons and backing them in a competition are two different things luckily - so im on top of our tipping comp :D

    As another dragons supporter said to me last year.... "Im so glad we lost the semi final - because I couldnt have dealt with us losing another grand final to the broncos"

    I support the swannies in the AFL too - so I only had to wait 33 years (and NOT 72) for that grand final win :D

    It's a loyalty thing.
  14. Finally the panthers have done the right thing and followed the form guide (and lost!!)
    Storm too good, even if they are not playing as well as they can (still 30 points playing poorly is ok :LOL: )

    And who would bet against the sharks at home on a saturday night???

    Any expat kiwis out there that want to have their say on hows theys was robbed???????????????? :LOL: :LOL:
  15. 2/2 so far.

    I've backed Australia....errr Broncos to get up over the nights. :grin:
    With so many players backing up after Fridays test, winning will take a colossal effort.

    As for the test, who the hell was that ref.???

    He had a shocker
  16. Go the Rabbits :grin: .

    We might not win the comp ,but we will win best dressed .

    And have you the the drumers ,whats the deal with that sh1t :shock:
  17. I am on the broncos as well (to ruin joey's day :LOL: ) so I am sorry Vic, but so far every time I pick broncos, they stuff up. They will come good one day as there are too many good players there. Maybe Marcel Marcau (Wayne Bennet) should just give it away!!!

    The ref was an impartial no name from the mother country.

    The rabbits look awsome when they have black numbers on the jersey.
    A girl we look after from time to time was a rabbitoh cheerleader last year, but she got "opposite of thin" from lack of exercise from non celebrations :rofl:

    so this year rather than have "fatties" on the sideline, ('cause they didn't think they would get much work again), they went for some hippie bulsh#t :rofl:

    GO MANLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Cop That EELS!!!!!

    DOGGIES are out of the kennel and winning again :woot:

    finch had a good game though, not bad for a d1ckhead ;) :LOL:
  19. 4 from 4 so far and looking good for a clean sweep!!

    Broncos have to come good tonight and I am sure the Cowboys can finish at home tomorrow night!!

    I admit the bulldogs game was a nervous pick!

    Only two consistent teams..........Storm and Manly!!!

    In the words of the great man himself...............CARN BRONCOS!!!!!
  20. yeah, CARN THE BRONCOS :grin: