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[NRL] perfect storm!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jeffatav, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Only a few days to go and the local boys in our area are right into it.............................Manly will win it and at $2.50 who can resist :LOL:

    The funny thing is, for the first time in my memory, all of sydney are actually cheering for the silvertails...........go figure!!

    GO MANLY!!!
  2. I'm torn. You know, no one wants Melbourne to win. But it's Manly...

  3. Melbourne suck!!!! & the Sea Eagles suck!!!!!

    After 80 minutes though the best result that any Broncos fan can hope for is that the Storm get extinguished good and proper.

    Twice to the GF and to lose it twice in a row would be any Broncos Fan's dream :)
  4. Love how the Manly zealots are saying all of Sydney loves them.

    There are two teams everyone hates. Anyone who beats your team, and Manly.

    Being in the Grand Final changes nothing.

    Melbourne, the most successful team in the league for two years running, and without doubt the most exciting team for years to watch, to win by 15 points.

    {Remember a couple of weeks ago? Brisbane 0 Melbourne 40?}

  5. Back off old man :p

    Brisbane did exceptionally well to even make the 8.

    Season 2007 was played with their reserves whilst everyone else had near on a full compliment of A graders.
  6. Yeah, just razzing you, Vic.

    But anyone who thinks Melbourne is backing up for its second Grand Final in as many years and is going to lose again is kidding, surely?
  7. Melbourne all the way, for the simple reason that they're not a Sydney team. :p

    Yeah, we Qld'ers love to hate NSW football teams. :grin:
  8. Re: [NRL] Manly V storm

    """""The funny thing is, for the first time in my memory, all of sydney are actually cheering for the silvertails""""

    Not ALL Jeff . :p

    Go the might Mmmm Mmmm "breath"mmmeeelll ...mmmeelllbbb

    AHHH can't say it .
  9. yep......hardly see manly winning on the weekend....melb all the way :)
  10. BIG call in a two horse race :p

    On last weekend's form, Manly blitzed Nth Qld, and Melb not getting out of third gear for much of the game.

    Manly's allowed only three tries in two games, and finally managed to get some decent points scored in the second half.

    Melbourne deserve their favouritism, however, Manly look to be the fittest team in the comp, so hoping they can get it all together and wear down their fancied opponents.
  11. Normally I would be with you all the way here, but after Melbourne's behaviour in the last game against Parra, I am going to have to hate them more than Manly...

    Not that I really care... it is all academic when you are in a corporate box drinking someone elses beer... :beer: :bolt:

  12. I've just checked with the Bureau of Meterology and the prediction for Sunday is that a huge storm will hit Manly with devestating results :rofl:.
  13. GO STORM!

    melbourne all the way guys, I will miss this one but will watch it on the telly, the next best thing to beating manly is beating the eels! Looks like i will be a happy man. :LOL: :LOL:
  14. To be honest, does it really matter when the REAL rugby world cup is on anyway?

  15. The Storm will take down those birds any day :p
  16. . . . . .GO PORT !

  17. GO STORM !!!!!

    Manly suck arse, but not quite as much arse as Brisbane do.........

  18. Any port in a storm GO PORT GIVE THOSE pussys A WHIPPING :bannanabutt: And storm give matt orford a :p .As for the broncos WHAT BRONCOS :wink:
  19. Go the Storm!!

    :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  20. Sorry, I'm a little deaf. How many premierships did you say Melbourne has won?

    Actually, I seem to recall them not winning last year. I can't remember, though. Who was it who won again???