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NRL grand final....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by evelknievel75, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. as a lifetime supporter of the mighty Sea Eagles i never though i would say this but,

    "GO PARRA"!!!!!!!!!

    I really dislike the storm, we need another 40 to nil win over this year. Parra, please produce.

    ps, I would also like to see someone do a diving knee tackle to either billy slater's face, neck or kidneys. anyone up for that?
  2. there are only a few teams i dislike more then parra, one of them being the mainly and the other south syd. (well if you call them a team) :p

    Come on the storm :popcorn:
  3. Yeeh!!!


    I like sports and beer!!!! My (generic team) is gonna kick ass!!! Booya!!!!
  4. I'm going Storm. The water-worms can bugger off.
  5. Storm. Form team of the last 5 years at least, with a hoodoo of last year to erase.
  6. Pfft, Parra have already one!

    If they get up, it's just a bonus!
  7. Go Storm.......................
  8. storm by 20
  9. if storm get out in front it's gonna be all over red rover, if parra stay close or get ahead they will win with the roll they are on, when the bulldogs were in front last week parra forced the ball too much and were in danger of losing it, once ahead they powered on. Storm are in great form in the finals but 1 win after making the last 3 grand finals the pressures on or the choker tag may come out if they make it 1 from 4
  10. Carn parra!