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NRL grand final (spoiler)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. Half time storm 10 parra 0
    so far it is as i expected melbourne got a strong start and a few early tries as they needed thus shifting the pressure to parra's rookie halves, who are making bad plays when good kicks etc are needed, storm look the goods but possibly left the door ajar by not getting more points, a early parra try some crowd support and who knows, i reckon storm but

  2. Re: NRL grand final

    please add spoiler to the topic
  3. done, now to watch the 2nd half and see if my prediction gets egg on my face
  4. ..... I hope so!!!
  5. Prophetic?
    Taken from the abc website
  6. boo yer, go billy, go storm
  7. Smee , maybe show the stats for the current game, not a storm - tigers game
  8. Wouldn't know what the nrl logo's are I just went by the names at the top (not big on league)
    I googled the current stats and that's what popped up.
  9. It's a pretty good game, exciting stuff.
  10. Storm!!!! Storm!!!!
  11. storm did well controlled 60 to 70 of the 80 minutes, to win , and they needed too, those 10 minutes of parramatta towards the end showed why they couldn't let em get on a roll and bring the crowd into it. 1 crap ref decision in the final minutes but that didnt costy parra the game, the soft tries earlier did
  12. Go storm!!!!!
  13. Great game! Worth getting home early from work for!
  14. The explosion of "Parra sucks!" and "Storm is awesome" status updates on my Facebook leads me to believe that Parramatta lost.

  15. It was 22 - 6 when we headed off to church, I didn't think there'd be a resurrection between then and the bell :LOL:
  16. Bahahahahaah

    Woo hoo!! Go Storm!!!!

    Good game of football. Shame noone down here gives a shit.
  18. Silence, mexican! :p
  19. :shock: I can't believe it, get home after the game is over and there was NO LATE NEWS broadcast on ANY channel so I could at least see the highlights, and no replay of the game, last night, or scheduled!!!!
  20. What a big call from Tony archer penalising moi moi when slater lost it cold. Storm potted the field goal and basically killed parras impressive comeback momentum.

    Storm deserved it tho they were the better side........stooopid mexicans :p