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NR threads

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by davidp1984, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Why does every thread turn into scientific/physic/engineering/something else intelligent discussions?

    Don't you nerds get enough homework/work?

    Anyway, feel free to discuss nerdy stuff here. :)

  2. I don't do nerdy stuff - but I'll happily discuss food. :)
  3. I'll discuss nerdy stuff where I want. This thread I shall reserve for other purposes.
  4. So what's your all-time favourite recipe, atropos?
  5. Not entirely correct. There is squidding threads, nodding threads, "should I buy a hyosung" thread..Oh and which glove do you put on first thread..
  6. They fall into the something intelligent column :LOL:
  7. All time favourite is my mum's bolognaise style pasta sauce - she had a way of frying the onions that really intensified the flavour. I have tried to replicate it but I can't, so I now have my own version which follows the same basic principle but uses red wine. I'm told it's pretty good.
  8. That troubles me. :-s
  9. I don't know much but I can lift heavy things
  10. I dun brought me a motor-sickle.
  11. Helix is that you?

  12. There is no doubt, that Netrider has the biggest gathering of up tight geeks in any motoring based forum I have ever come across.

    All trying to prove the next person wrong by furiously using Google to prove thier point, not thier own real life experiences.
  13. for 4 or more people
    brown sugar (2tbl)
    mixed herbs, particularly thyme and oregano, about a tbl or more,
    lots and lots of red.
    simmer for several hours, as it starts drying up add more red
    As you want to finish up, add some more red then chuck in a packet of tomato soup powder or two just to thicken it.


    My fave recipe: mushrooms, garlic, basil, some other herbs depending what's on the rack, butter.

    On the topic of food: Darleys. That is all.
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    no, you're wrong, I looked it up on google and there was this forum with 27% more uptight geeks:

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    :WStupid: Most of them are either moderators or tossing salad for moderatorship.
    Helpful hint: saying it's a forum but leaving the link visible showing youtube is just a little bit suspicious.
    Next time it will be less suspect if you hide the link inside the url brackets and put a fake one between the tags.
  16. My version involves half a bottle of red and a bottle of passata, then I cook it down to thicken it. None of that packet soup foolishness. No herbs, just garlic, onion (lots of onion, at least 3 large ones), some salt and pepper and two teaspoons of sugar. I mince my own beef, coz then I can control the fattiness by trimming.

    Never eaten at Darleys, but then I haven't really spent a lot of time in the Blue Mountains. For me, it would be Becasse (before they moved to Westfield) but of course, they no longer exist.
  17. Yeah I hate when people bring actual facts into an argument. Things are so much more interesting when people only use anecdotal evidence from a limited sample size.

    Just remember, if someone says something on the internet you don't understand - it's because they Googled it. Stuffed if I know where Google keeps getting all this information nobody knows anything about though. :-s
  18. Ahh yep...

    Most of the 'facts' used are irrelevant to most, bit like the TAC 'facts'. Then there's some who get just little carried away and take thread off topic just to prove thier point.