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NR performance on a proxy server

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. :? the previous thread for help was locked, without the full context appreciated. Hopefully we can move past that.

    QUESTION: Is anyone else experiencing problems surfing NR from behind a proxy server that uses aggressive content filters?

    Work has not blocked NR. Banner advertising is blocked however - but for the record, the imbedded adds (e.g. Intyre and MTL adds) are not blocked however, so all the paid for content comes through. (Can I get help now?)

    The point is, work is a LAN proxy server situation and in recent times the IT guru's have tightened up net security and allowed content and from that time on, the page content of NR has been impacted. That is, menus, borders etc always download, but the threads often don't.

    It takes reloading the url into fresh browser windows (sometimes multiple new windows) to get the page to load. Each new window can also go through the full login process.

    Work uses IE and I've observed that when the filters are off line, the large banner adds come through and NR runs fine. When the filters are running, the banner adds don't come through and the problems occur.

    I've put two and two together and presumed it's to do with how the larger (google?) banner adds and the filters are interacting.

    I haven't seen the same problem at home whether I run an adblocker or not.

    I might be snookered given that the content of some of the banner adds are of topics which are banned at work, e,g, dating and religion type ads. There might be nothing I can do NR might not have any choice over the content in the banner adds. Again, the imbedded adds come through fine.

    Is there anything I as a user can adjust on IE that might help with the situation? Anyone else come across this problem?
  2. use firefox?
  3. I've been thinking of asking for FF access... just need to find an engineering site that hangs as often as NR - it'll help with the justification.

    There are other sites that hang but not as routinely as NR :( ...perhaps I could find a engineers/nerds dating site. LOL
  4. try viewing through another proxy server alltogether, such as popularpotato.com
  5. I'm using FF through an ISA server and have no problems other than 403 errors on the NR site.

    Mind you, I don't have super aggressive content filtering.. the advantage of being sys admin :LOL:
  6. He probably won't have this option. If its a full SOCKS proxy no connection to the outside can be made unless it is proxyed.

    This is probably Proxy timeouts. If you have access to the Registry of your machine, and if your are on a corporate domain this may not be possible depending on how heavily the security is screwed down, you can increase the number of connections the browser will use to download a page. The proxy should parallel these connections and hopefully get around the timeouts that occur.

    See: Tweaking Max Connections

    Bear in mind that Vic and Jason don't like you doing this in general because it can hammer the Netrider server and cause problems for other users. Firefox has a much gentler capability known as pipelining but typically IE can't do this.
  7. NSW DET proxy allows access, no page corruptions or anything like....
  8. ...just for the record, I did post this up in site discussion, but it's now in off topic.

    Interestingly, right now the filters don't seem to be working as there's a lovely bold as brass bikerplanet add on the left of this page. LOL.

    NR loading rate is rocking. LOL

    We'll see how long for.

    Oh and I can't access popularpotato... freakin blocked.

    Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions.