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nr of the year award; - voting time!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by D Stump, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. LETS DO IT!


    i nominate

    1) hornet600
    [because he's gunna rip my spiffy lap top off me and this might buy me some time]

    2] vic
    [because if i dont he'll boot me off and i never paid a cent in membership fees]

    3] crusingal

    [because she's so cool]

    4] anything begining with matti

    5] joel

    [he is mod, me must suck up]

    6] 2loo

    [for bringing us the best youtube]

    [i could not nominate any cripples because that would be seen as bias. i didnt nominate any nrs i chat to weekly for same reason]

    who do you nominate? go vote! [u can't vote for anyone you nominate]

    to make this more exiting we could charge $1.00 per vote and give a 6 pack to the winner, just so long as i dont have to do anything :LOL:

    ps, feel free to make fun of it
  2. I nominate VTRbob, for his sterling service to Woodsy and Loz, after Woodsy binned the Loz Minga during the qld run. Fully and professionally repaired while we pissed off to party on.
  3. I'm not buying into this except to say that I have often thought that at the Annunal Dinner there ought to be a few speeches, not too long, and a review of the Netrider Year. I'm sure Vic or Jason could cobble some words together. If that was enlarged to include some awards, I think that would be a good idea. As the dinner is, we just arrive, chat, eat and then drift off home....
  4. paul, by the looks of your post its difficult to see if your for it or against it.
    don't worry, it's not about favoratism paul, after all, you got nominated :LOL: :LOL: [im such a biatch! i mean well tho :grin: ]

    WOE! there's some browny points!
  5. OK, I'm for it, and would be whether or not I was nominated.

    My nomination(s) would be Dante/Mickey/Ktulu and co for getting the Sydney social scene set up after a lot of trying and a lot of very quiet nights at Homebush.....
  6.  Top
  7. Ooooooh! Vot 4 mee!

  8. caz, I think jax is thinking of something more formal, and serious....
  9. great idea and thread caz!

    hornet makes a good point tho.

    how about extra credit [stubby] for the funny ones.

    1-netrider with the most metal inside

    2-netrider who confiscated the most car keys off morons [that deserves a slab]

    3- netriders who dont have a bike :cool: [not me, i have the granny scooter]

    4/5- oldest, youngest nr

    eh, cant think of anthing truely funny.

    anything paris hilton is good but its been done
  10. I want to nominate all of the great people who have quietly helped othe members.

    VTRBob has been mentioned already.

    Up here in QLD- Ward4e is a silent hero
    - DirtyTRix has helped so many people with bike repairs,
    mods etc
    - Muttly has almost single-handedly gotten the QLD
    Netrider Social Rides up and running

    .......and of course there is Jeff Kahler- the most gracious State of Origin Loser of the year! :LOL:
  11. oh yeah, we can't forget the loosers!

    we can't forget jeff, he's been so nice and friendly to everyone. ur up there with the best jeff!
  12. I agree, Jeff has to be the winner pants down.......errr, wait, no, I meant, hands down :rofl:

  13. hmm, well if we're going to have one of THOSE winners we will have to check the score board on each bed :LOL:
  14. Yes Jeff gets the gold- after all, when every other NSW supporter had ducked for cover faster than you could say 'Another Queensland try', Jeff was still up there rooting for them all on his own- bare bummed and all! :rofl:

    In case you missed it the first time......

  15. Bugger it, i say vote for me, not only cause i am such a nice bloke, but possibly the most popular moderator ever.. :p :LOL:
  16. geez................drop ya daks just once :roll: :roll: :LOL:

  17. Loz is the pants down winner... that ar$e shows up everywhere....
  18. Loz is the pants down winner... that ar$e shows up everywhere....
    err yes, even on my mobile phone.

    but what about the most intelligent netrider award.....

    To VTRbob for locking up his pussies. Yes, he actually did it. The one and only netrider host to actually have the foresight to prevent the loss of more treasured pussies......
  19. now jeff, we understand u r the sharing type but im starting to wonder if this is has something to do with you're flirting, prison style butt showing ways...hm?


    blue14 [nominated himself!]






    dirty trix






    matti b

    matti san


    2loo [again?]


    since 2loo is the only one who campaigned [with nipples none the less] i vote for him.

    since it was my idea i get 2 [u see i was going to pull a poll up and send a pm to paul saying 'pst, i know i said i voted for 2loo but i really voted for you :LOL: but there were too many names to poll]

    2loo -1

    paul -1
  20. Good to see you took me seriously Stump.. :LOL: