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NR book club

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by D Stump, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. g'day,

    welcome to jax book club. we can recommend books or choose to read the same book then biatch about it.

    whatever you want, if anything at all. ideas anyone?
  2. I'm in, I've always got a book going :D

    What kind of books do you like reading?

    I'm just about to start "Battleaxe" by Sara Douglass... again... :)
  3. I'm reading Sebastian by Anne Bishop for the second time.

    Anne Bishop rocks!
  4. Anne Bishop... is she the one that wrote "the black jewels trilogy" or something like that?
  5. Yep. I love that Trilogy. :grin:
  6. Yeah that was an awesome little series.

    I just finished a book called "Tully" by Paulina Simmons on Friday - was very good but kinda sad. Not SF/Fantasy like I normally read but it is good to have something different every now and then.

    It is a story about a girl called Tully who basically has a totally sh!thouse childhood and it covers about 10 years or so of her life from about 18 onwards. Good read :)
  7. I've just finished this book about 2 weeks ago, and am looking at getting the other 2 in the series... loved it so far :)
  8. great stuff!

    looks like u're all into sci fi. im not but thats ok you can kick me out.

    i like true crime and SOME forensic books [got a very poorly written one the other day. caution; it's still on the shelf]

    most book clubs do fiction because that's everyones thing.

    i haven't read to kill a mocking bird yet so if u guys haven't either we could do that.

    as for sci fi i will be have to read anything koontz.
  9. I recently read "the Door to December" (Koontz, originally published under the name "leigh nicholls") which was pretty good! The only other one of his I ever read was "Servants of Twilight) also published under Leigh Nicholls.

    I don't just like SF/Fantasy, just mostly fantasy. I also like other books - have you read Janet Evanovich's "Stephanie Plum" books? They are an absolute blast (IMO), lots of fun... and book 12 has just come out!! HURRAH!!! Not true crime... but kinda close.... maybe...

    I haven't read "To Kill a Mockingbird" but can give it a try.

    Booga - there is another three book series which follows on from the three Battleaxe ones :] They are all as awesome as the first!
  10. ok, i think this should be voted on.

    go to NR book club vote. i will set up a poll for us to vote on.

    will we read the same book or talk about different books. midday tomorrow will be the decider.
  11. 'Highlights of the Road' by G & C Schwarz

    'Seven Pillars of Wisdom' - T.E. Lawrence (borrowed from Titus, and yes it's taking me forever to read 'cause it's so dense!) :)
  12. Currently getting through the Terry Pratchett discworld series.

    Reading at the moment NIGHTWATCH.

    Highly recommended

    Dark Tower series -by- Stephen King
    Tales of the Otori series -by- Leanne Hearne [4th one just came out! Must buy! Across the Nightingale Floor is the 1st one, iirc]
    Cloud of Sparrows + The Autumn Bridge[sequel] -by- someone, can't remember
    IT -by- Stephen King
    Life of Pi -by- someone, I forget
    A Brief History of Nearly Everything -by- Bill Bryson
    Interview With a Vampire -by- Anne Rice

    +1 for Dean Koontz. He writes some cool stuff!
  13. we've got some similar tastes ktulu

    +1 Any Terry Pratchett is fab fun.
    life of pi, yann martel - awesome. best finish to a book EVER.
    brief history, BB - life changing for me - very, very cool.

    currently reading 'Iran Awakening' by Shirin Ebadi, nobel peace prize winner. surprisingly easy read, and good insight into the history and culture of iran.

    can't join a book club though 'cos i've got more work reading than i know what to do with right now. good idea though D Stump and look forward to reading your reviews.
  14. someone should organise a stitch and biatch!!!! hehehehe
  15. But your already doing a road trip :LOL: :p

    :grin: Excelent... I'll have to get reading :)
  16. sorry guys, i f*cked up the vote. we'll have to wait a bit for that, sorry.

    hhmmm, i was planning on campaign'n for book club president. i'll have to do what other incompetent would be presidents do and lie.
  17. nr book club vote thread has been fixed
  18. My favourite books from the last year:

    *Life of Pi (again)

    *The curious incident of the dog in the night time - very short but cleverly written book about an autistic boy.

    *Shantaram. One of my all time favourites. True story about a guy who escapes maximum security prison in Victoria in the 80s. He lands in Mumbai, India and is on the run for over a decade. He works as a medic in a slum, works as a counterfeiter, smuggler and gunrunner. The book inspired me to go to India which I did this year. It's a roller coaster of a ride. Unputdownable.

    *Holy Cow - a very funny non fiction book by an Australian dj who moves to Delhi.

    *In my skin - Kate Holden. A provocative autobiography of a Melbourne girl from a very white bread, middle class family who ends up a heroin addict working as a prostitute.

    *Me talk pretty one day - David Sedaris. The funniest writer ever. All his books are great.

    *Anything from Bill Bryson - my favs - Notes from a small island. And A walk in the woods.

    *Portrait of a killer - Patricia Cornwell. I don't normally read her stuff but this was compelling. All about Jack the Ripper. Jax you might like this.

    *Nick Hornby's books.

    At the moment i'm reading a book on dog psychology which is a bit dry so I'm looking for an excuse to read something else. I'm not into sci fi or fantasy - sorry.
  19. aaargh, i had to study to kill a mocking bird for 3u engRish.
  20. was it any good?