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Nowra in pole position for racetrack

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by pvda, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Found this via Facebook


    But there's also this a couple of days later....


    Is Eastern Creek burning a hole in NSW Taxpayers pockets as is being claimed?? I thought it was pretty much booked solid nearly every day of the week for the whole year??

    I thought the ARDC operated and maintained the site not the NSW government??

    Perhaps the Councillor is confusing Eastern Creek with Homebush :D

  2. the NSW government owns ECR, the ARDC operates it, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eastern_Creek_Raceway

    whether or not a track at Nowra would succeed has nothing to do with its location, and ECR's on-going problems have nothing to do with ITS location...

    I attended and photographed the very first meeting there; I was unimpressed then and nothing has changed that opinion

    Nowra Speedway draws good crowds, many people travelling some distance to spectate; last Saturday night 20 Sprintcars competed and by all reports the crowd got its money's worth....
  3. Fact #1. ECIR has been hemorrhaging money since Day 1 and will continue to do so regardless of it being booked solid for ride days/track days every day. Spectators at the gate is what makes the profit and ECIR has NEVER been able to attract a crowd. Even when the Grand Prix was there, the crowds were pathetic. It's a lousy track for spectators with a dirty great big hill in the middle of the circuit obscuring vision of most of the circuit, regardless of where the spectator is standing. Even the commentators in the box at the top of the grandstand can only see a limited amount of track.

    Fact #2 The NSW government would unload ECIR in a heartbeat and turn the land back to more profitable use if it could simply find someone silly enough to buy it.

    Fact #3 The overwhelming influence that the Green lobby has been able to achieve in NSW politics means that NO new racing circuit will EVER be built again the Sydney basin. At most, successive governments will allow the Homebush street race to survive but they will never allow a new circuit. So, a country/rural location is the only alternative.

    Various country locations have been suggested; Wilton, an extended Bathurst layout; an extended Goulburn layout as well as others. All of these have problems; weather, lack of infrastructure and many others.

    Nowra, on the other hand, has none of these disadvantages; weather is mostly good, infrastructure is reasonable, it is sufficiently remote not to anger the Green lobby and it's close enough to Sydney and Wollongong to be accessible to the population centres to ensure good crowds.
  4. They are trying hard to kill of the drag strip aswell. Pricks! I reckon I'd go to 30+ events as a spectator or competitor a year at EC and WSID. If either went I'd be devastated. The drag car would be for sale the next day and I'd be lucky to get one track day in a year if I had to travel hundreds of km to do it.

    As it is u have to book track days months in advance. I'm looking forward to my TD in feb.

    I just don't get it, big car events like powercruise and supernats at EC rake in cash they'd hold more than one event a year if they could book the track..
  5. well hopefully if the coalition wins by a big enough majority they can cockblock the watermelon party.

    im pretty sure Oran park wasnt running at a loss. great spectator track, friggen great track full stop really. the leppington pastrol company has being trying pretty hard for a new site after it sold oran, but no ones want a racetrack in their back yeard.
  6. I really, really hope you NSW people get another track. You need it and deserve it. It would be very good and healthy for the sport to see Motorcycling Australia do a joint venture with CAMS on this one.
  7. I thought most of nowra was already a racetrack.


    The only thing that far up main road in Nowra is some buck-toothed redneck. Here hoping it goes forward.
  8. thats pretty rich social commentary coming from someone that lives in Menai. your neck of the woods is famous in dirt bike circles for being home to flannie and flip flop brigade....

  9. I miss Oran Park. Close to home and challenging for 4 wheels. I've yet to do EC on 2 wheels but I would love to see another track in NSW. Wakefield is good for 4 wheels and beginners but something more technically challenging would be great. I always wondered, why not just replicate the Nurburgring here? We got plenty of land for it.
  10. I miss Oran too. But Wakefield is very challenging for 2 wheels. Not just the surface but the layout too. The only thing it's missing is a high speed straight but T1 and T2 combination make it exciting enough.
  11. Wouldn't do Wakefeild Park any favours. I'd like to see one down there, provided it was an interesting track, but I think the reality is it'll just take events away from Eastern Creek and Wakefeild park.

    There's probably a better argument for Newcastle or a permanent club level track at Bathurst