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Now you don't see that everyday...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kursed, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. On Fri I was in the gong looking at bikes with a mate, we walked down to the shops from Frasers to grab some lunch since the staff were busy with other customers. When we were coming back about to cross a street a 650 hyodung naked slammed into the curb and slid across the corner of the road about 20 ft from us. We rushed over to pick up the bike (not the buck Jeremy) and make sure the rider was ok...

    Turned out he was fine (all the gear), but that he had literally just left the shop he bought the bike from not 30 seconds before and smashed it into a gutter on the very first corner he attempted... ouch! to add insult to injury, his mum was driving behind him on the ride home...

    Needless to say the poor guy was more embarrased than anything, but quite stoked he had paid up his insurance before leaving the shop!

    The face on the guy in the shop when we wheeled the busted bike back in was priceless....

    btw this was the shop opposite frasers, don't know the name....

    So if you read this mate, get back on it and keep on wearing all your gear - hope your mum didnt chew your ear off afterwards...
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  3. haha yeah I thought of that vid too.... :)
  4. Poor bastard. At least he got his first drop out of the way early! :LOL:
  5. Fools like him are why insurance premiums are so high.
    Didn't even make the first corner, darwin award in the making.
  6. thats a bit harsh. lol
  7. Poor Guy ...
    I'm betting Mum gave him the usual " I told you bikes are TOO dangerous" spiel.
    I bet that wouldn't happen on a Honda :bolt:

  8. Lol, good luck finding any bikes down here mate!

    The shop was probably JetSport if it was the one opposite Frasers.
  9. on the topics of stacks!! Is anyone else at all thinking that with these new LAMs bikes out there, (all be it with the supposed P*ss weak power to weight ratio etc), that the rate of first time learners trying to negotiate the weight and feel of these lumpier bikes is going to increase the stackage/droppage rates all of a sudden?

    I get nervous thinking about what I may have been like on anything bigger than my GPX when I first got L'd up.
  10. Poor fuker!

    There was an articel on a guy who had just bought a brand spankin new Ferrari for $300,000 + and he hadnt gotten insurance for it... Leaving the dealer ship he decieds to floor it... It kiks out and runs into a steal post. Completly written off!
  11. Man i feel bad for him, no-one deserves to stack a brand spanker bike, i couldn't imagine my mum being behind me if that happened. She would not let me ride ever again.

    Lucky he bought a naked Hyo, and very lucky he paid insurance :eek:
    All the best to him if he's on here.
  12. Depends which LAMS list you are talking about.

    There's a few on the NSW list which you can flip simply by opening the throttle in the first 3 gears. Not exactly learner friendly.
  13. It hasn't been the end of the world in NSW, Tasmania, ACT... (Don't forget, NSW banned the 2-stroke RGV250s and so on years ago, long before LAMS was introduced. Victoria's still going strong with the 2-stroke bikes, until LAMS anyway)

    LAMS essentially allows people who like cruisers/tourers and the like to have a bike with as much power as a CBR250RRrRRrRrrRRrRRrr, rather than having an anemic 20 horsepower 250 chugging along and struggling with the highway speed limit.

    The sportsbike crowd are essentially stuck with the CBRZXGSX250RRrRRs and the RVF400/VFR400.

    They don't weigh that much more, either. Maybe 20-30kg.

    (That said, devotard's right - there're a few anomalies)
  14. I did a similar thing a long while ago straight out of the dealer's showroom (secondhand section) on a Kwakker GPZ305. I made it to 5 minutes and 3 corners and my Mum wasn't behind me. Broken indicator and shattered ego. :( I went to a different dealer to get the new bits 'cos I felt like such a tw#t. :oops:
  15. I'm guessing Brand new Bike + Brand Noob = Unscrubbed tyres + Tip in = Bang 'F&*k'

    Maybe. But some Noobs can prang whatever you put them on.
    At least there's more street cred in dropping a bigger bike. :p
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  17. wow did you even read the thread? It was already posted.
  18. Man what a bugger!

    "The first cut is the deepest"
    Jump back in the saddle and keep riding, even if it is to proove to mum that bikes arn't that dangerous. . .

    Safe Riding.

    Cheers Phillip
  19. That's gold. :LOL: I would've done the same.
  20. Totally agree mate. I have no sympathy for little rich kids who go around smashing expensive cars and bikes. I reckon you gotta earn a decent bike or car. You start out on a shitter and learn the do's and don'ts and when you do finally buy something schmick it's oh so sweet and you know how to treat it.