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Now This Is Lane Splitting.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Griffon, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. #1 Griffon, Aug 5, 2008
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    Now This Is Lane Splitting.

    She would make a pretty good courier. She realy proves herself at 3:57-4:00.

  2. What a dumbarse
  3. +1
  4. It's a guy - the "Black Prince". The girl you see a shot of is his girlfriend (riding pillion)
  5. Some of the comments posted on this video say that the guy riding (the black prince?) was later killed in a motorcycle accident. If that's true, then that kind of says it all. How can he even think he's in control and can anticipate car drivers' intentions when he's going that fast? Scary stuff.
  6. Scary indeed .... :shock:
    I guess skills alone will never save you when riding in this fashion, sooner or later luck just runs out [-X
  7. Fair go, that is some of the most amazing riding I've seen this side of Ghostrider. I reckon I've got some moves in traffic, but I'll never have that sort of balls. Thanks for posting, I'm out of breath after just watching it.
  8. impeccable hazard perception :cool:
  9. Loz: I'm glad you aint got the balls to do that! Dont want to imagine a netrider forum without you there!
  10. Aw shucks. :oops:

    Here's some sweet boobs as a thank you:
  11. Thanks Loz but I already have a pair of those firmly attached to my chest!! They have been there since I was 14 years old!!

  12. Me too :(

    But still, hey! Boobies!
  13. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Good to know there's more than one of us out there :wink:
  14. That is the greatness of The Black Prince you all just witnessed, and you post up comments like "What a dumbarse"? How fcuking sad you are.

    Ghostrider's tribute
  15. I do not think the ability to ride like that indicates that a person is dumb...

    The magnitude of motor skills, depth perception, reflexes etc etc. required to do what he(/she/whatever the gender of the rider) did, indicate anything but dumb.

    Medical Doctors have a high suicide rate and more often than not they are very far from dumb.

    I'm not saying the rider and pillion are suicidal but, perhaps they are not as scared of death as you... or I.

    What I would like to know, Banoobi, is why you choose to insult a very skilled rider you do not know, that is on the other side of the planet?

    I posted the footage 'cause it's spectacular... and all you, and a couple of others can do is insult.

  16. Deadsy, you must have posted this while I was typing my last submission.

    Anyway, I could not agree more.

    It will be interesting to read banoobis answer to my question.

  17. Thanks for the enlightenment. [-o<

  18. Hmmm i'm in agreeance with "dumbarse". One wrong move at that speed and who else goes down with him ? If your analogy is correct their wont be a doctor within coo-ee to patch him cos they'll all be toppin' themselves ............ themselves .......... not others with them, just them on their own.

    Sure the lad has talents, loads of balls, and sheer skill. So go get these onto a track or a stunt show and reduce the risk of plowing into an innocent on their way home. If you were to learn that your kids or significant other was involved in a crash and seriously injured by a bloke riding like this, would you say that a skilled rider just had a bad day ?

    Debate me if you like, i don't care to have my opinion swayed, lad has talent for sure ....... but no fekkin brains. It's endangering the public and the innocent plain and simple. It's not like it's a wheelie or a stoppy it's 250kph of odds stacking spuriously in favour of the inevitable.
  19. I can see your point about being some danger to 3rd parties. That danger is mittigated by the fact that a motorcycle has to be going faster than a car to present the same danger as a car to third parties.

    In fact there is a probability that a giant semi trailer fully loaded doing a legal 100kmh has the potential to cause more damage injury and death than a motorcycle at 250kmh.

    One could imagine all occupants of a car being killed when a motorcycle doing 250 slams into the back of it. But unlike a fully loaded Kenworth W900 doing a legal 100kmh , it is impossible to imagine a motorcycle killing the occupants of 6 cars.... But no one bats an eye at that, 'cause you can't see past your own nose.

    Anyway, that is not the point, the point is, Banoobi and others reckon he is a dumb ass. That is what I disagree with. I strongly doubt he is dumb/ stupid/ /lacks intelligence or any other way you want to insult.
  20. I stand by my opinion, anyone who drives or rides like that on a loaded public road is a fwit, you want to place yourself in that category grifon that's fine by me.

    You want to emulate this sort of risk taking find a racetrack or a deserted country road, where you wont be putting other peoples lives at risk, but something tells me, take away the grandstand factor and you wont be interested. :roll: