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Now this is "bling"

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Iffracem, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. It had to happen...


  2. Read some of the comments below the clip, hilarious!!

    jj I'm not going to ask how you found that!
  3. Nooo... I was not looking to bling the thundercat when I get it (If the money ever shows up :evil: )

    It was a post in another (non bike) forum... really, honest, fair dinkum :wink:

  4. I so want a pair for the R6.
  5. HAHAHA!! Those wheels are pretty cool but the ridiculousness of it all is WAY too overwhelming. I just think the above quote is an absolute cracker (excuse the pun) and sums it all up so well.
  6. OMG they are crazy cool, of course they'd get no where near my cage, but I would credit the person that blinged out their hot ride with em!!!! :LOL:
  7. Yeah they are pretty cool but I reckon over here you would be saying "hello little yellow sticker" faster than you could say "pimp my ride!" :LOL:
  8. I know one of the biggest dealers in the world of this product - he only deals with corporations though - i have a set on my delivery van with my company logos :)

    I am sure i could you guys a netrider deal for pre printed with your own graphics :)
  9. oh dear......the lengths people will go to, to get noticed....haha
  10. Doubt wee'll get to see such "cool" rims here, if you had em on your car vicroads/cops would be all over you like fly's on shit, literally.
  11. wtf does "pimp my ride" mean anyways?

    (so sick of "*****" talk sneaking into our vernacular)
  12. "my ride" = my shitbox car

    To "pimp" = improve* the looks of a ride to the Nth degree without actually improving any of the perfomance.

    "And to shake one's booty is to wiggle one's butt. Permit me to demonstrate..."

    * There's no accounting for taste though...