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Now the bloody Poms have discovered Tassie

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by East Coast Cruiser, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. Top UK magazine - Motorcycle News sent a team to ride Tassie. The link below will let you see what they thought. We don't mind sharing our roads with Oz riders but Poms !!

  2. MCN is not a top UK bike magazine, it's the beige Autocar of the Pommy mags.
    Out of interest, what would Tassie do for money if it weren't for tourism?
  3. Chop down trees. Oh, wait...
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  4. "Top" is the description used in their release but I am happy to edit -" Top Beige British biking tabloid MCN... " After all they are British and the Brits are kings of beige what with their Wellies and Macs etc. They do have a weekly circulation of 100,000 so can't be too bad ?
    If the tourists stop visiting we will go back to rootin' and shootin' as we always have. If it moves we shoot it, if it sways we chop it down and if it does nothing we dig it up unless we shot it then we makes stew.
    Seriously we do have other industries down here. We smelt/export in excess of 1,000,000 tonnes of zinc and 500,000 tonnes of lead from our west coast mines which also produce gold. Henty mine has delivered 1.5 million ounces in the last 16 years alone.
    Then there is Alcoa's smelter and casting where Australia's alloy engine components and alloy wheels come from. Incat - worlds fastest vehicular/passenger ferries, Cadburys chocolate, salmon/oyster/abalone aquaculture , dairy and meat production. Titus's trees that we cut down and regrow- not that I support the wood chipping industry but producing quality furniture grade timber is OK.
    Then there is our "green power" we produce from our Hydro schemes which gets exported to Victoria at peak times such as 8.30 am - "Latte O'clock". Tourism is a big earner here as it is for most of Australia (well the scenic places anyway - guess we got lucky with that).
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  5. Nothing to worry about. Tassie is so far away from Blighty that only the most travel-hardened of riders will get there, and they aren't your typical whingers.

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  6. Weren't you all 'pommy' criminals once anyway?
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  7. Some of us still are
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  8. True, but it's still an order of magnitude better than AMCN, much of whose content is cheap, syndicated overseas stuff which has zero relevance to Australia. Fortunately Boris's column is just the right length to be read at the shelf before the newsagent starts looking at you funny ;).

    And you Taswegians are only sore because any Pommy rider serious enough to get to Tas is going to be able to blow most Aussies into the weeds ;).
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  9. I subscribe to AMCN (amongst others) and sometimes cannot control the twitching when I see the standard of sub editing and general shonkiness of it.
    Haven't seen Boris' column for a while, I remember that he used to write every second issue but from memory he hasn't written for a while now.
  10. Masochist
  11. It's Jimbob's default birthday present to me every year. I get him vodka he signs me up to one of the worst rags out there, I think he's winning.
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  12. Hey !!! I resemble that. But you have to throw in my Irish cow stealing great great great grandmother and there is a splash of German in there for endurance and stubbornness. Buggered if I know why I bought a Duc, no Eyeties that I know of, should have been a Beemer.
  13. It's in our blood.
  14. I'll be staying in you lovely town East Coast CruiserEast Coast Cruiser Saturday night after I get off the boat that morning! I can't wait to get back onto Tassie roads but this time on a bike!
  15. There's an interesting story about the Tassie green power that we supply to Vic and others. They laid an extention cord across the Bass Strait (don't know how many power boards it took to go 400 odd kms =D ) and during peek power consumption power is sent down the wire to fire up all those Lygon Street latte machines and electric scooter recharging stations.

    Now hydro power requires water to fall down a pipe to spin a turbine. When there is plenty of water, there is plenty of power, however if the bath tub is empty, the lights go out. So what us dumb Tassweigans do is buy power back from Victoria at night at a fraction of the price we sell it during the day, and use this mexican juice to power the pumps to fill up the dams again. It might not be perpetual motion but it comes pretty close.
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  16. Put www.eldersweather.com.au into your phone, put in Tasmania then your closest town for a reasonable forecast but better still is to select "radar" and watch any rain coming in real time. Gives you an indication of where to ride and avoid heading into the wet. Your Sat. forecast is good from the ferry thru to the East so enjoy the ride especially the Lake Leake highway if you come that way. Local police will probably watch the road on Sunday with the Black Dog ride coming thru so Sat. should be OK. Might see you in the Swansea metropolis Sunday when we juice up for B/Dog.
  17. Axel and I are doing the Campbell Town Back Dog as well, I think its a fair bet you'll pick us out in the crowd.
  18. Hard to hide with the sidecar on ?? bit like a red Ducati monster with white wheels. Hope there is a good turnout.
  19. Got the wet weather gear just in case.

    Still deciding which way to head home, did Elephant Pass last time, that was fun in the dry, not sure about it if it's wet.
  20. Lake Leake was brilliant, not quite as tight as I'd imagined though. Still, better than going through Frankford and having my visor ice over. Yes, I e not condensation!