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Now thats what i call a road :)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by fishyben, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Now thats what i call a road :)


  2. Holy crap where is that?

  3. Korea. (i think)....
  4. Would be bloody fun :)

  5. Dunno, all the roads I saw in Korea were 8 lanes wide, straight and boring.....

    Great for practicing your counter-steering though.....
  6. The Korean Minister for Roads must be a rev head :p
  7. Yo, he was in Italy on holidays and saw this (all 56km of it...and that's only the northern side to the top of the Passo di Stelvio):

  8. Must of originally been the local goat herding route :shock:
  9. The top few bends of the 32km descent...
  10. FYI, Korea = 75% mountains & hills.

    I guess you haven't seen much of Korea and where bikers go for weekend group rides. Because bikes are banned from highway, we are forced to enjoy tons of winding country roads like that.
  11. Why are bikes banned from highways? To keep them away from cars and trucks or was there too many high speed incidents?

    I'd like to see seperate highways made here for trucks and buses, maybe even cars, at least in the worst blackspot areas.
  12. mmm I so want to go! you could spend a day playing on those roads!
  13. No one really knows why bikes are banned from entering highways. :roll: They were just banned from day one...probably because 95+% of things on two wheels here have top speeds of less than 90km/h and 98+% of riders don't wear proper protective gears.

    At least in Australia, there are so called "blackspots". In Korea, every road in every city is a blackspot for riders. Drivers of cages, trucks, and buses give absolutely no consideration to us [riders] and always cut in w/o indicator on as if we could stop from 60 clicks/hr in just 3 metres. :cry: To aggravate city riding experience, we are required to share and ride on outter lanes with push bikes, 50cc scooters, and taxis.

    But who cares? In weekends, we get to leave our commuter bikes/scooters home and bring out our CB/Rs, R1/6s, Ninjas, Monsters, Hayabusas and Harleys (which ain't too good for corners) to amazing country roads we've here.