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Now that's seriously bad luck!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, May 31, 2007.

  1. Some days you're the bug, some days you're the... car aerial ???

    If you think you're having a crap day, then just give a thought to this extremely unlucky bug... what are the odds???

  2. What's the problem? it is pre-scewered and ready to roast
  3. Last camping trip I killed a small fruit-bat in exactly the same way :shock:
  4. My dad hooked a galah with the aerial, bent the aerial down past the passenger side window, and then a slight bump was felt from the rear wheel... huge cloud of feathers though :LOL:
  5. It would have died instantly as opposed to being killed by whatever predator that kills it and most likely bitten, dying slower than instantly like it did because of the pic. So, it might actually have had a "good day", much better than being alive and being in lots of pain all day like some people I know :-w
  6. Murderer! :cry: :cry: :cry: Bugger it :LOL:
  7. Quick JDK, call an SGM at the MRAA and issue a press release, ban aerials on cars, they cause death!! :rofl:

    Shuddup up Mr. Ellis :p
  8. ktulu... a bat?!?!?! :shock:

    Ginji... a galah!!!?!?! :shock:

    Anyway, saw the unlucky dead moth on my aerial, and I just had to share... poor wittle fing.

    Sometimes we NR's hear a sparrow fart and just have to share... it's a bad thing I tell ya! :LOL:
  9. Yup, caught it right on the tip of the aerial, good thing too, a bird that stupid didn't really deserve to live :p
  10. poor bugger! :(
  11. thanks rob [poor little guy]

    what's weird to me is the fact that your earial doesnt have retractor points, it's more like a spear [soo, you're hoping to fry up a galah huh?].

    secondly, the moth [if you enlarge to pic] has an injury that looks to be fatal and over a week old.

    you had a bit of tucker before taking the pic didnt you rob :LOL:

    [stump ducks robs punch which is followed by the words 'ive had enough of you stump!']


    "moth sucker!" :grin:


    "did the moth commit suicide after the head job or before?"

    "one stump isnt enough for you is it?"
  12. Bug-ger off Vic :p :p :LOL:
  13. Does this mean we can call you Mr Osborne now? :p :LOL:
  14. :p
  15. ahh rob, i see you have your tongue haning out for more :p moth.

    you cant get enough of that yummy moth stuff!
  16. niiice, you dont miss an opportunity do ya? :LOL:
  17. Yeah, but nobody takes Uncle Fester seriously... :p :p :LOL: