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Now that's how you commute....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by SlowRider, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Driving (yes i know, driving) into work this morning, i saw a beautiful site. Someone was commuting into the Adelaide CBD on a Black Royal Enfield. What a way to start a dreary work day.

    It got me thinking, whats the best bike you have commuted or seen someone commuting to work on?

  2. Best bike i commuted on is still the sachs KN150, by virtue of me being the only bad-ass commuting in a school uniform :D

    Love the enfields though.

    Around my neck of the woods there's alot of people commuting on Ducatis and what not, but a guy came into my work the other day (landscape supplier) with an old goldwing and side car and loaded the sidecar up with river sand bags and potting mix, that gave me a right chuckle :D
  3. Seen a bloke on the M4 a couple of times, on an old Pantah - always makes me smile...
  4. I've only commuted to work on two bikes; a VTR250 (narrower than a bee's dick!) and my Tiger 1050 (400rwhp/tonne and a commanding position looking down upon SUVs can't be wrong).

    I must say I was highly envious of a couple that just happened to be on the freeway during my home commute; a big BMW sports-tourer, rider and pillion and a tonne of luggage, no doubt off on a very different kind of commute. Gave them a wave and a thumbs up and tried not to look too downhearted at not having done a long tour in a while.
  5. Adelaide has a CBD?
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  6. Sure does. We even just got the internet in Adelaide.

    Wow this modern technology stuff is amazing. Not sure it will take over from telegrams though.
  7. I've thought about commuting on an Enfield. I worry about the seating position though for a 2+hour daily commute.
  8. You should move to Adelaide and commute on an Enfield. There is no such thing as a 2 hour commute here.
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  10. I'd worry about getting to work. I reccon you'd have to have an Enfield and something else.

    Saw a bloke commuting on an Enfield with a bolt on hard tail recently. Only the once, so I guess it's a toy.

    Used to be a regular commuter on my route riding a Ural (not an outfit) or similar Cossack. I think he rides a Hornet these days. Bit of a feral. Crazy (ish) riding and abuses cars.
  11. Back when I was at uni in the UK, one of our lecturers commuted year round on an old Ducati single in full cafe racer guise. Apparently he was using the Duc 'cos he'd worn out his Velo Thruxton doing the same thing for the previous 10 years :D.
  12. When a student, I used to commute on a 1963 125cc moto Morini. It was always quite a bit of fun getting it started in (European) winter. A bit frightening too on the highway when I couldn't quite make it to the speed limit... Still good memories though.
  13. Well I saw a guy on what looked like some sort of cafe classic. Unfortunately my dad wouldn't go up to him to see what he was cause he was "going to fast".
    Apart from that classic bike, my DR650 is probably the best thing I know of commuting. Seriously, who the hell rides up the freeway on knobbies... Oh wait I do :p
  14. I can remember commuting in '81 to an insurance job, and a colleague came in every day in a suit, on a silver round-case bevel driver SS750 Ducati. It was immaculate. Had the little wire strainers over the bell-mouths to stop gravel and small boys from getting sucked into the workings, Marzocis, Terglis, braided steel lines, and not much else. It looked like a show bike - but he rode it to work every day it wasn't raining. The noise it made was to die for. It was just glorious.
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  15. i commuted to school on my motocross bike a couple of times.... wasn't very legal but was fun.

    just a bit of gaffa tape over the race numbers so the cops couldnt remember them and it was all good.
  16. When I was 10 I had a little mate called Matt, who was 8. He was one of the few people who could ride rings around me on pushies, and I soon discovered this was because he raced kid's MX. Over the next few years, I wouldn't say he taught me to ride, but I learned stuff from him. At 16 he was still child size and looked much younger.

    I let him have a little turn on my new GSX11 and the little bastard started doing monos on it and backing it in to the dead end street. 'Giddorf it!' It looked awsome because the bike was so big and he was so small.

    He asked me one morning to give him a lift to school. Ok. 300m from the front gates he thumped me on the back. 'Stop here.'

    "Don't you want a lift all the way?"

    "Nah, I wanna do it myself."


    "Giddorf! I'll meet you in the carpark."

    So Matt rode my new GSX11 up into the school and parked it in the car park.

    Last I heard Matt was riding with an outlaw club in Canberra, and he weighs about 170kg, stands 6'8", and get's an HD chop around the place quicker than it has any right to go.
  17. Mate you have a lot of cool life time experience stories (y)