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Now that's a Police bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Heli, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. I don't see any bikes.
  3. Interesting, I would have though the 3-wheel layout of something like the Can-Am would be noticeably less safe/manoeuvrable at high-speeds.
  4. Makes sense that anyone with a car license can ride one. Here, it's still considered a motorbike.
  5. when its two wheels at the front and one at the back - it is a massive change and difference to a one wheel at front and two at back design ( remember in the 80's all the people being killed on recreational trikes)

    three wheels in the configuration given is reasonably safer

    but its not new - take a look at grand daddy

    a messerschmitt Kabinescootere.

  6. Cheers, didn't know that.

    I just figured that a 3-wheel layout could more easily become unbalanced during turns/manoeuvring at high speeds (because the trike doesn't lean into turns, and doesn't have the added stability of four wheels).
  7. It wasn't new then either...

    It's Great Grand Daddy. Morgan Super Sports...

  8. it dose'nt scare me
    i can get through narrower gaps
    adios pig
  9. Those Spyders seem like a great concept, especially for riders with leg problems. However all the electronics scare me.
  10. only goes to 200 kmh slooooow
  11. good for disabled oxygen thieves.
  12. Gets attention, I suppose. :)

    Its usefulness for disabled riders et al aside, the reverse-trike seems to combine several of the worst features of a car (too wide, no filtering and needs car-sized parking space) with several of the worst features of a bike (no roof, crap luggage capacity).

    Though Tiff Needell from Fifth Gear made one semi-enclosed reverse trike look like way too much fun, performance-wise. Lots of powersliding, which I understand the Spyder's nanny electronics forbid.
  13. The old guy in the background of the first photo doesn't seem to know what all the fuss is about. His mobility "bike" has been around for ages and is much easier to filter
  14. Reverse (or, IMHO, correct) trikes are an absolute hoot to drive. Admittedly they are, perhaps, not a truly practical vehicle, but practicality isn't everything. They have been more popular in Europe and the UK for the last hundred years, mainly due to favourable tax and driver licensing status (in both regards being treated as a bike).

    That aside, though, one of my most vivid motorsport memories is of watching a 1926 Morgan, a tatty purple thing apparently held together with wire and Castrol R gum, battling a pair of contemporary Bugatti Type 35s around Donnington Park. All three were going absolutely balls out, with the Bugs demonstrating their drifting ability and leaving looooong black streaks as they opened up out of bends, whilst the Morgan driver was clambering all over the inside of his cockpit to keep the little bastard upright and still managing to aviate the inside front wheel at times. Add in the window rattling boom of the Morgan's big JAP and the crisp "tearing calico" of the Bugattis' beautiful little blown straight-8s and it was 10 laps of heaven. Final order was Bugatti-Morgan-Bugatti, after changes on every lap, with maybe 1 second covering all three.
  15. It does lean a bit - not as much as a real bike obviously, but the front suspension setup is pretty cool:

    This is a concept diagram I think, so probably a bit more extreme than the production:

    In the metal:

    I reckon it looks a bit lame as a cop bike... just my opinion.
  16. ive ridden a can-am and came away scratching my head. I prefer bikes as i didnt feel stable on the can-am. When I turned a corner I felt like it was going to through me off!
  17. The Can-Am isn't a leaner. Look at the back tyre.

    What's that in your pics DH?
  18. Just sounds like a bid add campaing for the can ams to me :shrug:
  19. ..I hope he never hits anyone..... especially with "Casualty Reduction" written on the side :-s
  20. The first one I remember seeing in a mag when the Spyder was launched as a concept. The second one is a Spyder with the fairings removed, found at http://www.spyderryders.net.au/ via Google images.

    In practice, this seems to be about as much lean as you can get out of them (I can't find any better pics, anyway!) - and of course it's leaning the wrong way!

    They obviously don't flex like the MP3, for example: