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Now that's a horn

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by undii, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. :idea: Your link is deader than a strangled hooker in a ditch.
  2. I thought we were NEVER going to talk about that night again!!! :shock:
  3. Link works for me.....

    I'll add it to the post here if the link doesn't work for you? (weird@!?!?!)

  4. Oh, THAT photo??? The baked beans powered bike...

    This is all I saw:

  5. [​IMG]

    I don't own/run/have uploaded images on the website in question, I don't know why it works for me (found from a google search) and not for (some?) others.
  6. Got enough tabs open there Waz??
  7. Did you blank out a pr0n icon?? :LOL:
  8. I usually never see less than 10 tabs open at once on a browser I am using, it seems my mind is too quick to have any less :LOL:

    Nope, but I did blank out a couple things I don't want others to see :wink:
  9. God damn it Loz, you'll do anything to get a photo of your arse posted on Netrider won't you! :rofl:
  10. No way that's Loz.. Don't insult him like that! The cone would've easily gone in further ;) :LOL:
  11. Bull, that is so a p0rn blanking technique, no need to lie about it. What else could you possibly not want others to see?
  12. Rethought my childish humour :LOL:
  13. :roll: Like I said, something I don't want to see publicly shown. You can think it's p0rn but I wouldn't blank it out if so because why be worried unless it was copyright infringement or the like? Pure drivel on your part :roll: