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Now on a Street Triple

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Decided to Ride, May 4, 2015.

  1. Traded in the CBR500R last week. Now on a Street Triple.

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  2. Nice! How are you liking the R? I have the LAMS approved Triple. Really want an R when I can get my big boy bike, mostly for the adjustable suspension and that pretty red subframe/whatever it is.
  3. Pretty easy transition overall. Not a fan of mirrors on the bar (prefer them being further in front and always in peripheral vision). Performance is plenty although I'm still in run-in so keeping it under 6000 rpm. Suspension is firm but weirdly not uncomfortable (yet). Haven't looked into adjustments yet. Steering feels tighter, need a more definite input to get what I want out of it, will raise that at first service in case it's over-tightened (doesn't really impact counter-steering).

    Only downside is that I'm now all of a sudden redundant, so I may not be in this M1 club much longer... will see where I end up.
  4. I replaced my mirrors with the triumph bar ends (folded in so they're sticking out less), they are more adjustable and give me better vision (YMMV).
    I'm assuming the stock R suspension settings would be near the stock non-R. For me it's too firm for my weight (70kg~), go bouncing from some of the smallest bumps probably a bit dangerous on corners. I was going to ask and price up adjustments at my next service.
    Can't really comment on the steering, only bike I've owned, and the only other bike I've ridden was a CB125E at the training place. Feels right to me.

    Oh that sucks. Good luck with the job hunt!
  5. Sorry to hear better luck next time.
  6. your not talking about his job are you?