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Now officially a biker chick :-)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Makovitza, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. I'm so stoked!! I picked up my baby (2005 VTR250 - candy red with gold wheels) on Friday. Unfortunately she hadn't been ridden in ages so her battery was flat. Bought a charger on Sat and charged the battery. Then last night I took her out for her first run. I managed to stall in the driveway, but after that she ran like a dream. I was pretty nervous - I think I rode about 15kph under the speed limit most of the time. But there was hardly any traffic on the road so I don't think I annoyed too many people. I did finally manage to get up to 80kph briefly on the Nepean Hwy, which was exciting. Anyway, I had an absolute blast!! It's such a buzz!! I can't wait until Thursday - I've got the day off so I'm planning to do some serious practice.

    Bring on the next Netrider Learner Ride!!!

    :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  2. \:D/ :dance:

    Congratulations!!! It is the great feeling getting finally getting out there isn't it.

    Hope you have a blast on Thursday. :LOL:

    Ride Safe and Have Fun
  3. Good stuff, you've made a great choice of bike.

    Take it easy and keep enjoying yourself.
  4. Congrats !!!!!!!
    Another Baysider on two wheels.
    See you out there .. I'm the old guy fumbling around in the left lane :LOL:
  5. Ah the sights, sounds and smells and the joy of the FIRST bike! Welcome to the addiction :).
  6. Good stuff!

    Ride safe, and have fun :grin:
  7. A biker chick???? WOOHOOOO!!
    show us ya b.......oh, your not one of those biker chicks :(

    nice choice of bike :)
  8. Congrats! Post some pics of your bike when you can :p
  9. Awesome!!! congrats on getting it started! keep practising and you'll love it!
  10. Congratulations and welcome!!

    Well done on getting your bike going btw, it sounded like it could have been a troublesome start to your two-wheeled life.

    All good now though, enjoy the saddle time Makovitza :grin:
  11. [​IMG]
    Woo hoo - congratulations! I work just off Nepean in Hampton. Might see you around! Although, I'm a cager at the moment :oops: , but come Oct I'll be back between the lanes!
    :dance: 5 weeks & 4 days to go...
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome, guys :grin:

    Stealthassassin and ihaveduff, yes it was a bit depressing when I couldn't get her started right away, but thanks to all the help from fellow Netriders I knew what I had to try first. Which was fantastic, because I have absolutely no mechanical know-how at all!! Actually, for that very reason I'm considering doing the bike maintenance course that Richmond TAFE runs - anyone here done that or know if it's good?

    Pinkxie, I live just off the Nepean near Patterson Rd, so there seems like a reasonable chance we'll see each other around once you're back on two wheels. Not too long now... :grin:

    Now for my next stupid question - I can't seem to find anything anywhere that tells me how to affix an L-plate to the back of the bike. Can anyone tell me? The one I used last night was home-made out of cardboard and attached to the number plate with sticky-tape, but I don't imagine that's a permanent solution...
  13. Snap! Only mine's the 2006 model. But they're much of a muchness. How shiny is the candy red? Super shiny!

    I "liberated" a bulldog clip from work and used it to attach the L plate to the bottom of the number plate holder. It looks tres fashionable! I was a bit worried it'd fall off, but she's done about 50km now without any problems. Of course, they probably make holders of some description if you want to maintain the aesthetics of the bike!
  14. they make plate holders??

    i just wedged mine under the numberplate, and it held up against the rear mudguard... and a bit of gaffer tape on the edges around the back helped..
  15. Aye. Mostly for cars, but you could probably screw them onto the bottom of your license plate surround.

    There's one (not very good) lurking here:

    To me they look a bit chunky, so I'm sticking with my bulldog clip!
  16. Bentleigh girl eh? Yay more SE siders :)

    i just drilled a hole in the side of the L-plate and unscrewed one of the bolts holding the licence plate one. slid the 'L' between the licence plate and the bit of metal its attached to screwed her up ... and bobs ur uncle.

    If look forward to seeing you on some rides

  17. I just punched holes in the top corners of the plate & cable tied it to the bottom screw holes on my rego plate. Worked a treat though had to glue 2 plates together to stiffen it up after my tire chewed a huge inverted U outa my first plate.
  18. congratz on the bike, i know how it feels to first get on that bike & be grinning from ear 2 ear under you helmet, I'm thinking of doing the Richmond tafe course, though i'm still calling the other schools to c if theres anything better

    i put my L next under my rear reflector, unscrew the rear reflector & place the L plate on the screw holding the rear reflector, then screw it all back together, works really well, got a few of my mates to do it as well.
  19. My L plates just nut and bolted through the reg. plate holder. with a couple of fair sized washers so it doesnt tear through.

    But i find, the plates dont last long anyway before the tyre shreds 'em

    Congrats on the new bike. Keep the shiny side up.
  20. Well, I had my first big ride yesterday (big being a relative term - I rode from Bentleigh to Edithvale and back). Beautiful weather, not too much traffic on the roads - it was awesome!! :grin: :grin: Hopefully I can get in some more saddle time this weekend...

    Anyway, you asked for a photo - here's one taken yesterday. (and yes, madwomanofdonnellyst, the red is super-shiny :grin: )