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Now need to decide on the bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by lonerider, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. ok, so after working on the wife for the last 2 years, she has presented me this deal. I can buy a bike. . . but I need the pay and maintain the beast myself. so with that in mind I need to decide on the bike. there are a couple of restrictions in place.

    1.the bike needs to be under $5000
    2. a lams bike that I can grow into
    3. im a big guy so not looking for anything that is under powered thinking 500cc - 650 cc
    4. needs to be reliable.
    5. needs to be a larger frame as I don't want to be riding with my knees in my arm pits.
    6. at this stage im thinking maybe a known brand that's a naked bike.

    with these in mind i'm open to the possibilities, so has anyone got points

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    GS500 would probably be the go with that budget.

    If you can afford another grand or so (or negotiate hard) you could look at something like an er6n, cb500f, xj6n or sv650
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  3. Er6n all day long mate
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  4. As above suggestions but also CB400 may do the trick. Main thing is to go try them all out and see what suits you best. Have fun trying!!
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  5. A friend just picked up a new Honda CB500R for $5500 with 0.25% interest. I think it must have been a 2014 run out model as the normal price is a bit higher than this, but with only $50 interest over the life of the loan it's a great deal. Ring around a few Honda dealers and you might find someone who has old stock they want to move. Bikesales have one in Rocklea but couldn't see one around Sydney, also not sure if the Honda finance deal is still on but you can always ask.
  6. Don't know what you call big, but I am not not small either. I am over 6' 2" (192cm) and weigh a ton (it's muscles really!)

    I'd suggest to go to a showroom and sit on a few bikes and see how you feel on it. Than you'd need to decide what style you want.

    #1 - buy a maintained second hand bike and you can save big over getting a new one.
    #2 - you need at least a 600 cc to be happy and stay happy (well at least that what I think)
    #3 - if you are tall as I am, out of the sports bikes the only bike I found to be comfy in the 600 cc range is the GSX600-650. The Kawa 6 felt bit cramped and anything else as well. But, we all differ slightly so you may feel differently on a bike. Hence, you need to go and sit on a few to see how "cramped" you feel. Still, even on the GSX650 you will look somewhat small
    #4 - if you are not set on sports bike look at the cruisers: Honda's 750, Suzuki's 800 and Kawasaki VN900 all learner approved and there is plenty around so you could pick up a good second hand one easily for that or even less money. Cruisers are longer and seat taller/riders riders better. The seat is lower and the riding position is comfortable. Obviously these are not built for speed, so there are some handling and performance limitations. Out of these 3 I ended up with the Kawa VN900 for my daily commute and I also wanted something economical as well. I am not a learner rider, but I know that these mid-cruisers (almost all of these) are Learner approved.

    So decide first what type of a bike you want and go sit on a few before you take anyone's advice. Including mine...
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  7. Nothing above 660cc is learner approved...
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  10. indeed, but tell you what: I do not miss the Victoria police since we moved up here!
  11. Hi lonerider.

    Have you done the pre-learners course yet?

    If not, could I suggest that you wait until you have done it before you set your heart on any given motorcycle.
  12. I agree with chillibuttonchillibutton, CB400 is an excellent bike for what you want loneriderlonerider. It's big enough but not too big/heavy, easy to ride and has enough power for it's size; excellent 1st bike and a good all-rounder. I would also expect it to be reasonably easy to maintain and cheap to run.
  13. Sorry folks, but this morning I was in a bit of a rush.

    My point is that, if someone goes to do the pre-learners, certainly in NSW, they will be given a bike that is the nearest fit to them, and, after two half days of doing "stuff" they will probably have a better idea of the trade-offs of weight, comfort and size.

    That, at least, gives them some basis to go and try-on bikes in showrooms.
  14. Good luck getting a CB400 under 5k though. I'd probably second the GS500.

    Also whats with the "as long as I pay and maintain it myself.". I pay and maintain my bike all by myself too....from our shared account. :)
  15. There's one for $3500 on Gumtree
  16. I stand corrected. When I was looking for my LAMS bike they were all 6-7k.

    For $3500 you'd have to get on that.
  17. Lol you're mostly right though. This one is 2002 and 32k km but still not s bad deal if it's in good nick.
  18. 2002 model means its a grey import CB400. Might be a smidgen small for him too.
  19. I am 6'4" and 115kg. Have done my LAMS time on a Kawasaki ER-5. No complaints from me.

    Has been cheap and reliable for me so far and has been very easy to learn on. Comfortably pulls away from traffic with ease at the lights even with my heavy ass on it, and was good fun on my first trip up the black spur on the weekend. Also comfortably sits on any posted speed limit while on the freeway. (Most of my riding is on country roads in western NSW).

    I'll be sad to see her go when the time comes.

    Firsts are always special.

    Before I found the ER-5 I was very keen on the ninja 650L ergonomically.

    The price difference was just too great as I knew I'd be upgrading later anyhow.

    Happy hunting.

    BTW does the 5k budget have to cover your riding gear as well or just the bike?
  20. 650 Dualsport. DR, KLR or NX650. Lets you work out what kind of riding you want to get into. And tall for a bigger rider.