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Now LISTEN to me

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by katcando, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. I could meet you In the pub and Id give you a lotta cheek.

    I could meet you on the road, and you might think that Im sweet.

    My hair is always a mess and my nose is always peeling.

    But when im riding thats what im feeling.

    When your on a bike Im the same as you, cause thats when you hear what i do.

    Thats when our language is the same.

    Im not really weird or rude. Im deaf. And on a bike, so are you :woot:

  2. Yes you are :shock:
  3. yes, smee is right :shock:
  4. Actually, you're both wrong 'cos you didn't read the post carefully.

    Katcando is saying he is physically deaf, as in not being able to hear. So when someone speaks, he can't hear. But on the bike he hears in his mind the same things we hear, and because we have a helmet on (and probably ear-plugs), we are more like him and he like us...

    At least that's how I read it, anyway.
  5. yeah, i got that bit. it was just the delivery that made me go :shock:

    the same as on a bike, we are all deaf on the forum :)
  6. <pardon>??? :LOL:
  7. I'm with Paul on this one - I think...
  8. Ι got the bit about being deaf also.
    the delivery wasn't the clearest though.
    (self confessed poetry hater)
  9. Here I was thinking Shepparton was to blame :LOL: Great to see people can take what others call disablities/life changing stuff and "laugh at it". If I wasn't able to do it with my loss of my right arm movement, I'd be one angry person and that ain't fun. I've always been a bit weary of my hearing, I have some hereditarything my dad has given me (much love mate :wink: ) that I'm most likely to go legally deaf in both ears anytime between NOW and mid 40s til I get some operation to correct some ear bone thing that's weak/whatever is wrong. Until that actually happens, I can only blame the loud music events I went to for past 18 years for the "Pardon??" excuse :wink:
  10. It would be interesting riding without hearing, I wonder if you can feel engine revs, road surface differences etc instead of hearing these differences?

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. My GF is deaf, and she says she can feel surface differences, revs as vibration (hello, Triumph!) etc. She says pretty much what Katcando says re. when the helmet is on it's much of a muchness, deaf or otherwise :) She relies on vision a lot more and will often spot a fire truck etc long before I see or hear it.
  12. Their other senses are more sensitive/developed to compensate for the
    deafness I guess?
  13. Thanks for that information.
    Is that why they call them Bonervilles? :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. Oh hornet, my dear hornet.

    I am a GURRRLLL.

    yep Im physically deaf. and its a hoot sometimes.
    (cause i can lipread)

    gimpie always says the same thing

    I am completely deaf in my right ear. have some hearing in my left but i do need you to face me when you speak. It not volume but clarity that i need.

    I just thort that tell you guys a bit about me.
    Just so theat you know that i really am weird and rude (thats why i fit right in) \:D/
  15. yes we deaf are very sensual.
    well i can only speak for meself.
    (I can feel every goddamn bump in the road)

    thats why i love this stuff (forums) cause its like teletext. i get to understand everything (well in a hearing sorta way) without having to say "what did he say"
    (sometimes i cant understand what the bullshite, but i guess thats what its meant to be)

    and whats a bonerville?
  16. oh alright. I confess!

  17. He said his bike (Bonneville) gave off vibrations, so it was a play on words...........

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Thanks Andrew :LOL: thanks very much!
  19. I'm not, i just dont listen to what people are saying :shock:

    Oh and katcando, luv your tag line, one of my favorites, it's an old chinese curse i believe.
  20. In most (but not all) cases yeah.