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Now kids, this is why its called Lemmings Corner ! :P

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Mickyb V9, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. I thought it was a myth at first.
    The so called Lemmings Corner, 20 or so km from Wollombi towards Syd.

    But, its true, there are bits of bikes on that corner from where riders have taken a spill . . . .

    Here is a pic I took today.

    Just some examples of debris found at Lemmings Corner . . . pegs, Dainese glove, bits of levers and what we believe is a CBR250arrgharggghhhargggh fairing ! :LOL:

    So be careful, Lemming Corner does exist and its called that for a reason ! :rofl:

  2. Oh yes, like lemmings to the slaughter :LOL:
  3. . . . . . we have taken the bit of clutch lever for lab analysis !


  4. Hahaha, not mine...although if you find a small patch of Draggin Jeans, I'll have it back thanks!
  5. that brings back memorys...I used to love to play lemmings on the old Amiga 500....them where the days
  6. lemming corner was so named by the MCC pushing it through after so many people had come to grief there