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Now I've seen everything

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by V8cressida, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. On the way home today. Was waiting for the traffic at a roundabout (kingston), I was about 10th in line.... all of us were crawling @10kph when the cage in front of me stacked into the next one. :eek:

    A 10kph stack........talk about innatention....was damn glad I wasn't in front of that bozo as I would probably would have been punted. :evil:

  2. Why don't ya pm this to Sonja - according to her, this kind of thing just doesn't happen! :roll:
  3. it happens, the ridiculous amount of k's i spend on the road....i have seen it numerous times.
    probably txting or rubbernecking.
  4. Yeah could have been a number of reasons. Their was a house near where I used to work where the driver put their car through the rear brick wall of their garage after mistaking the accelerator pedal for the brake :shock:.
  5. Saw a similar accident last Saturday morning.
    4 car pile up on Kingsway (all nose to tail).
    Traffic would only have been going 15 kp/h.
  6. well V8, you must be lying, cos the dept of transport in Tas has told me up front, fair dinks that the car drivers of Tas are a competent, safe, attentive and far far superior in road skills than us dumb-arsed bike riders.

    So safe they have to string up wire ropes between the lanes to stop them from hitting each other. :facepalm:

    That was last night eh? I saw you heading out and waved just after I pulled into the line of tintops after "cheating" slightly up the inside.............

    Naughty NAUGHTY Iffracem... mustn't avoid congestion! Must wait for the tintops to squish me as they crawl along at 10 kph, one person per vehicle........................................

    I feel ever so slightly better now :?
  7. Reminds me of how I was rear ended earlier this year.

    Sitting in a long line as vehicle #3 at the lights. Lights change but no cars ahead of me move yet and then I suddenly feel a bump from behind.

    Extremely minor thing to happen, no damage however as it was more or less something like wheeling the bike backwards into a wall.

    Guess the driver now pays extra attention to the road at all times.
  8. I doubt it...

    might have been a bit more careful for the remainder of that trip, but the next time they got behind the wheel.........
  9. Yep, it happens all the time and is exactly why you should split whenever the chance presents itself. :)
  10. " have you seen a man eat his own head?"
    "well then you havent seen everything"

    hey v8... if its onething that never ceases to amaze me ( apart from my own por speeling) is the stupidity of inatentive cage drivers... this is just another in a long series of oops I left my comonsense at home crash. Damn stupid with bad consiqueces if yor stuck between an idiot in a car and a car..

    Its almost as good as the telepathic / delayed indicating changing lanes rule that evey driver adheres to... 3/4 in the lane then indicate or forgett all together... :roll:
  11. You didn't work in Alexandria did you?

    My mother did that once when she was living there. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    It wasn't brick though (but there was a 3 foot drop on the other side - like the AAMI Insurance commercial they used to show :LOL: )
  12. funny enough i was actually at a call last night, someone did just that.... and yes it did look like the amii ad :LOL:
  13. lol, i did that on a forklift and broke a few things :LOL:
  14. one of my sistes ex BF's did that once..

    lights turned green so he started to move (fast because he was a revhead) too bad the car in front hadn't moved yet.... $2000 damage to both cars.

    he also had a head on at 60km with a tree..........in his own front yard! :shock: i still can't figure out how he did it, other than being a tool.
  15. :LOL: Just reminded me of one of my neighbours - who managed to drive straight into the power pole just a few metres from their driveway. Scary part was after backing up he had a brief look at the damage, then just drove off as normal. Obviously not worried about the fact that the radiator was leaking fluid, the left headlight/blinker was completely destroyed, and the the front left wheel was clearly not straight :shock:.