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Now i've seen everything !! - A bike Courier-Stunter !! :P

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. I was walking through Pitt St today for lunch and I saw something you don't oftenly see on a busy CBD street during lunch hour !

    As I was crossing the road, a motorbike courier on a GS500 performed a 10m wheelie followed by a mini rolling stoppie before darting up a side street ! :eek:

    I'm sure it was intentional, he had that cheesy grin on his face !

    Total showman ! . . everyone on the street were amazed !! - I surely was ! :grin:

  2. yeah think i seen that same dood getting round last few weeks.. his a crazy one round the streets..

    Black Naked 06 GS500.... "P" Plater ..... Guy has a pony tale ? ?

  3. No pics/video.

    Thread sux.


  4. YEAH !!
    Thats him, he did have a pony tail !!

    Squidding also, only wearing a reflective vest !!
  5. I've seen him too!

    Wowza, small motorbiking world!
  6. man i missed out!!!

    I usually goto Pitt St for lunch............

    next time!!!
  7. saw that guy at alexandria doing a delivery...

    awesome rider.... hahahaha going off with all the mail behind him... lolz