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Now it's Buell's turn...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by RacingTurtles, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. .. to go out of business! This sucks. One company that was trying to do something different and innovative - with mixed results perhaps but still, I think it deserved a better fate.

    BTW, Harley is apparently also getting rid of their only recently acquired MV Agusta. I can't imagine that brand is going to be around much longer either, not without backing of some much larger and richer company...

  2. i don't get it.
    Im sure they where pulling there weight as ive seen more buels around recently.

    sounds like Hardly is cost cutting and opting for overpriced fatboys instead.

    I never liked harelys but alway's though buels where nice anyone know why?
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  4. That's terrible news!

    Like 'em or not, I don't think anyone can't say they weren't a unique company. I feel sorry for Eric, he really does seem sincerely devastated in that clip.
  5. That's really sad. Buells aren't really my thing (though the lighter Rotax-engined bikes are impressive), but I've always been impressed by their engineering ideas and innovations.

    Sucks to see them go right when their bikes started to compete more directly with the "mainstream" sportsbikes in terms of weight and power.
  6. That REALLY sucks.

    I wonder if the Buell brand will be like one of the many marques that a random entrepreneur will unsuccessfully try to revive every now and then... Hell, that's what going to happen to MV reeeeal soon too... (again)
  7. Don't think Buell could really exist without Eric, so it's have to be him with the backing of a random entrepreneur... Here's hoping.
  8. Damn. Thats a loss imho.
  9. Another shining example of utter contempt from Hulley, Dave & Son towards more of their loyal customers.

    On the plus side now Erik has a whole factory he crush into cubist artwork. Much like the Blast.
  10. That's a real shame, I really liked their bikes.

    But makes sense with what Harley have been saying they want to do for a while now, better handling more modern bikes to sell to people once the baby boomers get too old and poor to buy their products. Can't have HD selling Buell-like products and Buell selling Buells... too much overlap. I reckon HD will fill the void.

    That being said, didn't they just open a new dedicated manufacturing plant earlier this year?
  11. Personally I am not a fan of Buells. But as has already been said hear (Is there an echo in here) They show some real innovation, and have been doing something a little different. Sad to see em go
  12. Eric and Buell are too intertwined to their history with Harley Davidson to exist without them. It' a huge shame. Brilliant thinking, but just not enough attention to detail for the mass market they needed. The US buyer will always value reliability higher than anything else.
    I don't blame HD. It seems that no matter what HD does (ie. V-rod) their customers just won't let them let go of the past.
    In the end, it'll kill them too.

    MV must be waiting for the phone call...
  13. MV have already been canned.

    Were Buells all that unreliable? I know a few Buell owners and they seem to be pretty reliable things.
  14. I think their after sales support was unreliable, ie HD dealers/mechanics.

    The bikes themselves, i'd be surprised if they were not more reliable than italian brands of similar volume......although they should be, as they are mechanically simple.

    I wonder WTF was actually going on with the numbers, they appeared to be selling a few of the things, i guess their pricing was too low for the scale of production, unit cost for honda making cbr1000s would be less than an XB12ss i suppose........for example

    It's sad, love them or hate them, i think the bike world needed Buell out there.:cry:
  15. After watching the Eric Buell video, it sounds like they are discontinuing "Buell" as a brand, Eric is continuing to work for/with HD to "grow the HD brand".......

    What a crock of s#$t, Buell was the growth of the HD brand.......enormous, steel framed, push rod, aircooled, large capacity, behemoths are a stagnant market surely?

    I wonder if we are going to suddenly see a Harley Davidson XR badged something or other....that is really a Buell XB or 1125 of some description
  16. Yeah, I reckon that Buell might become an internal company badging or logo kinda like
    HSV or something along those lines But it does make sense from a company point of view. Makes the brand stronger and streamlines a lot of the processes, I guess.

    Funny you say that about HD mechanics and dealers. In my experience HD dealers/workshops are among the most professional in the business when it comes to servicing and support... maybe you've had a different experience.
  17. Yeah. I half expected HD to paint MV Agusta's black and orange and re-badge them for the US market.

    Now that they've "divested" themselves of the Varese factory (after less than 12 months) and for the second time (since Aermacchi), that now aint likely.
  18. No personal experience, just word of mouth, apparently they are wonderful with Harleys, but not so good with Buells regarding parts supply and service knowledge of the product.......
  19. Words can't describe how much that sucks.

    Obviously there is a lot more profit margin in 100 year old tractors & chrome than in cutting edge technology that can actually turn a corner, what a shame.
  20. Maybe they will be bought out? They keep saying GM is going under too.