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Now is a good time to go back to school

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. I think I may have to go back to school if more of this stuff keeps coming up.
    All those years at school in my younger years and now this!!!

    I feel robbed!!!!

    Enjoy ;)
  2. what are we enjoying?
  3. WTF? Did you forget a link?
  4. You talking about the lesbian teachers?

    One word for that... Awesomeness!!! :D
  5. Always interests me how we socially look upon Lesbians v's homosexuals ...

    All good for two woman to get their gear off and put on a good show, but if two men did it we would be disgusted and baying for blood
  6. yeah thats right
  7. Hun if you get off on two guys going at it more power to you, personally I prefer the female counterpart exclusively however I've met girls who would get off on two blokes and one who actually had a fantasy of her and two guys who would basically do each other and her.

    I don't think its exclusively a taboo subject but yes there is more homophobia against males than females.

    Perhaps its a case of which circles you frequent.
  8. Are you making puns? :p
  9. N4R....Please lets be VERY clear on this...Two men naked and touching each other ..Id rather poke barbed wire under my finger nails than watch that....
    Im just sayin thats all...
    Just for the record two woman together doesnt do much for me either....

    I know a lot of Lesbians and i know two gay guys... U wont find one of my friends who thinks it would be cool to watch the gay men going for it..... Almost all of them would be keen to watch the Lesbians tho.
  10. :rofl:

    All good, just trying to be open minded here.

    So not even your male gay friends would get off on two blokes? Go figure... not even the gay men are into gay p0rn. :LOL:
  11. LOL well actually i stand corrected as my OH reminds me that i do have one female friend who has an odd fascination with male homosexual p0rn... her reasoning is this " Its Penis, the more the merrier" still, shes not what one would call "Normal" so im not including her in this debate :p
  12. An abnormal female?!?!?!?!

    Yay, bring her to me ;)
  13. Do it, MM.
    She'll like Vic.
    He has lots of penii.
  14. Handing out your details now vic ;)

    oh and btw....

    She might be trans gender :rofl: let me know how u go (y)
  15. 2 of our teachers had a punch up when i was at school, these days its lezos, female teachers raping students and so on, honestly if the raped student complained, then he is gay as i would of been bragging about it yeeeha
  16. Goz, I'm with ya bro, I'd tie my self to the school flag pole, raise myself at full mast and announce it to the world ;)

    All we had at school was our history teacher with the biggest norks, somehow the gravity in that room was huge as everyones pens would fall off the desk and she was always nice enough to bend over and pick them up for us ;)

    We also had the HOTTEST art's teacher, Miss Cox. Drool worthy and a half, no one got to shag her though ;)

    Now days the teachers are rooting the students :?
  17. oddly enough, my wife is a art teacher :eek::shock:
  18. Yeah but I'm tired of sleeping with her behind your back so I want to finally air it :p :D
  19. hahaha diked