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Now I feel like a real rider - gegvasco goes down.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by gegvasco, May 13, 2006.

  1. Had my first off. ANd I wasn't doing anything stupid either! As per previous posts from last weekend, I had backed off and was taking things easier after my unintentional first mono and stoppy last weekend. Then I copped it taking it easy doing 15kph round a corner in Darlinghurst early this morning.

    6am, on the way to work, had a filter light at the intersection of Oxford St and Darlinghurst road, turning towards the cross. No cars, no traffic. Approached the corner at a normal speed and turned in normally. What I didn;t see in the early morning light was a fresh patch of oil right on the riding line through the corner. No warning, no wobbles, just bang, front lost all grip instantly I hit the tarmac right knee first. I slid about 3 metres, the bike slid about 6.

    It was slow enough that I skidded on my knee and hand and my upper torso and head didn't touch the ground. I can remember feeling my knee grating on the road and looking ahead as the bike sailed across the intersection. When I stopped I paused for a second to see what hurt. Only my knee. I then stood up and started walking towards the bike - no issues. I then pushed the bike off the road. One pedestrian who saw it all started to walk over but saw I was OK and had the bike moving so continued on.

    Bike was rideable after a few basic mechanical checks so I continued to work. Amazingly, I didn't get the adrenalin rush that I expected. I was extremely calm. When I took stock of the damage:
    - right mirror snapped of at the base of the stem
    - right indicator smashed but still working
    - fairings totally screwed
    - rear brake pedal bent but intact
    As for me, my gear worked extremely well. The gear I was wearing that is. My dririder jacket protected my forearms with just some minor scuff marks. My gloves protected my palms with some severe scuffing but no tears. My wrist is starting to ache a bit 10 hours after though. The only damage I sustained was on my knee. I had a pair of heavy jeans on - halfway between normal jeans and draggins. They didn't tear or wear through but I did receive some localised moderate roadrash.
    So wearing pants is a little interesting at the moment but otherwise I came out of it very well.

    After I had moved off the road I took a few minutes to see how I felt and to assess why it happened. That was when I discovered the oil. It was almost impossible to see, especially as I was looking through the corner and not directly at the road in front of me. I wasn't going too fast for the conditions. I just got caught out by the oil. Guess I need to be more vigilant in scanning the road for obstacles.

    Now I feel like a real rider because I can tell a tale of having a stack and walking away from it - with scars of course.
  2. Sh*t man, thats no good. Only good thing I can see from this incident is that you are still okay bar your knee, and that your bike still works.

    So I guess this one was a learning curve for vigilance. Sorry to hear about your bike :(
  3. And look what I said a few days ago on another thread:
    :oops: :cry:
  4. Glad to hear that you are ok after your off mate. Never good to hear of a rider going down. Pity about the bike though, such a small crash, yet to repair the bike to original will cost some.

    It just goes to show you why it can be so silly to ride like an idiot on a public road. Here you were doing the right thing, riding sedately and slowly and you went down through no fault of your own. ANY rider who didn't see that oil probably would have gone down. Just be glad that you did so at a sensible pace.

    Will you be wearing better pants on the bike from now on??? You did that at 15km/h, imagine what even 60km/h would have looked like!

  5. If that happens to you at 15k/h with a 3 metre slide, imagine what happens when you fall off at 60 and slide 16 times the distance. get some draggins/real pants! Glad to see you get right up and ride another day.
  6. Bad Luck dude.....hope your knee gets better soon. Just reminds me to keep wearing ALL my safety gear.
  7. Geez Greg that sucks. Theres a lot of damage for such a slow speed off :(
    Glad you got out of it ok though
  8. Yeah. The road aint made by Tontine.
  9. glad your ok. was the road damp with the oil aswell , thats probably the slipperlyiest time (did i make up a new word).
  10. No totally dry this morning.
  11. AH crap ,sorry to hear Greg ,glad your ok and the bike dosn't look to bad ,you just never know when IT's gona happen as Nigh7 rid3r said.
    See you soon mate .
    Cheers Sled.
  12. Sorry to hear this Greg, but glad that you're OK. Been a month of firsts for you but this is one you could of done without. Hope you don't mind me and the other learner's using this as a lesson in wearing the right gear, paying attention, and being prepared for anything anytime.....

    Like I said, glad you're OK and if there's some way we can help let us know....

  13. Clumsy sod!

    Ruined a good pair of jeans, why weren't you wearing shorts?
    What's that...oh it was cold. :roll:

    First it's wheelies and stoppies, now it's oil assisted power slides, where's this all going mate?

    Let us know when you're going to try the aerial loop over the cars yeah. I don't want to miss that one. :LOL:

    Cheers: Jaq.

    PS: Lin says she's glad you're ok, and where can she buy tickets?
  14. Bad luck mate.

    Can't help but feel partly responsible now, after that insurance thread :wink:

    I hope your knee gets back up to...scratch (I'm so sorry... :LOL: ) soon and your baby doesn't cost too much to repair.
  15. not good to hear greg , glad you are not seriously hurt .
    sometimes things just happen and you cant expect or predict it , thats why they are called accidents.
  16. Not good, at least you can walk away, and the bike is still not in bad shape over all.

    In reality you would get worse damage to yourself from most bycicle accidents.
  17. Greg, Hope all mends well, both you and the bike.
  18. Hi Greg, heal well mate, and I hope your bike gets better soon. :(

    So what are you going do to for an encore? :shock:

    If things really do go in three, then that should be the end of the unexpected, at least for a while. Otherwise I'm not sure how you can top this hat trick. :?
  19. gegvasco, sorry to hear about you going down bcoz of the oil... but also good to hear that you walked away from it with a few bruises. Hope you get better real fast and see you back on the road soon... next ride maybe :grin:
  20. Is it something to be proud of?

    Bad luck about the accident....