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Now I can't Drive!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by outactrl, May 26, 2005.

  1. How funny is this,
    I use to be a good Driver, and i really love my Hotted up Commodore. Looked after it like a baby, had her since 94.
    but the other night when driving down a back street, i clipped a mirror on the passanger side!!!!
    Ive been rideing for well over a year now, and i would be on the bike at least 2 hours a day, 7 days a week. (work and play)
    So I'm alot more confident on the bike than when i started.
    Never had a stack on the bike, never had a scratch on my car....

    But since i only drive maybe once a month, i find myself thinking im on my bike....

    "I can slip between there,, wait a sec, I'm in a car!!"

    like with the mirror,,, i had my body, in the center of the lane...
    ok on a bike, not so good in a car, hence i clipped the mirror.

    anyone else ever found this?????

    (by the way there was no damage to the other car, but a little scratch on Christine, yes i named my car Christine, after that movie about the car that killed the owners girlfriend, cause she diss'd the car)
  2. i find myself doing all kinds of weird things in a car, like headchecks, not tailgaiting, indicating etc... bikes have ruined my ability to drive like everyone else.
  3. I'd only worry when you start parking on the footpath...
  4. Hazards

    Ahh the hazards of hopping between vehicles, like going from a manual bike to an automatic car, and stabbing the brake at the first stop sign or traffic lights, while thinking it's the clutch.
    What puzzles me, and I know it's off the subject, is the number of people, male and female, driving round in cars wearing more layers of clothing in winter than I wear in summer on the bike! I mean, all modern cars have great heaters, and most have air, you shouldn't have to dress like an eskimo (or a motorcyclist) to drive to work or down to the shop in the car?!!!
  5. But thats why there are heaps of girls in Melb, the love the clothes.
    weird, they spend heaps on jumpers jackets, vests, scarfs, and we just want them in a pair of jeans that show their Black Swan...
  6. I know what you mean. I drove for the first time the other night since getting a bike about six weeks ago. It felt WEIRD! The car felt massive and I was unsure of its placement in the lane. And I found myself covering my brakes whenever I passed an intersection with a waiting car....
  7. I had a similar experience recently when I drove for the first time in 3 months.

    My car had suddenly become far to wide for the road, I look right and left going through lights, kept a mental map of where all the traffic was all the way to Geelong and forgot to turn the lights of when I got out of the car (thankfully it beeped at me).
  8. i have that problem only its when i go from the pushy to the kwacka and the kawackas a hell of a lot bigger :shock: :shock: :shock:
  9. My GF remarked to me the other day that since she started pillioning she has become much more aware of everything that's going on around her when she's in the cage. I think she's right, she pays alot more attention to what's going on, she keep a look out for bikes, and she actually uses her mirrors.

    I think that it should be compulsory for all drivers to go pillioning on a regular basis (every couple of months) just to give them an idea of what being alert really means. I think that if every driver out there had some experience of what it's like to be on a bike our streets would be a much safer place... 8)

    My 2c
  10. I had the same thing, I was driving a 3 tonne truck for work, then riding my bike, and whenever I drove my car (a little sports car) it was just strange..
    Solved the problem, sold the car lol

    I'm in the middle of interviews to be a postie.. that'll make it easier again :D
  11. I felt sorry for my car last week. It now sits on the cold driveway overnight and all day and rarely goes further than the milkbar or bunnings on the weekends.
    I treated it to a wash/wax, vacuum and new hubcaps. After the bike had been given a full clean, polish, lube, air filter modification etc. of course.
  12. You've got a bike. What are you doing going to the milkbar in a cage??
  13. your spose to go squid on the bike for that :)
  14. I'm still searching around in my car for the lever that does the Harry-Potter-Lanesplitting-Bus trick! I thought i found it but it turns out that was the handbrake. ;)

    I tend to emulate my lanesplitting in a car... and it's not good. Also, when trying to fit through a tight spot and i can lean the bike to avoid clipping mirrors... it doesn't work so well in the car. :(
  15. The milk bar in the cage ocassionally is because as much as I love the bike, it just doesn't seem to make a lot of sense spending the same amount of time warming the bike us as it takes me to get to the milkbar in the cage. I could walk I suppose, but that defeats the purpose of having a car or bike!!
  16. One thing that I commonly do when I drive a car again after a period of bike only travelling is revving the car a bit too much.
  17. I used to spend half my life in my old commodore and could fit it into a spot about 2 inches wider than the car.. Now I can't even seem to park our corolla. So much easier to park a vehicle that's pretty much the same size as me :)..

    Must also plead guilty to lane splitting in a car in Brisbane. Two lanes of traffic, big gap down the middle.. Off I went without even thinking.. It was only when the wife asked "what the f... are you doing" that I realised what I was doing.. Going around cages any way I can is just ingrained in me now..

    Simple solution is just don't use the car..

  18. oh this is such a good read... It looks like I'm not the only one who has problems driving a cage after geting off a bike...

    two things... I have slowed down in the car SO much... It feels so big and lame I just drive it as if it was a big old Ford Galaxy... it is a Dhatsu Cherade...

    My wife trusts my bike riding more than my car driving... according to her she feels safer on the back of the bike than in the car as a pasanger!! Why?? Aparently the only thing I look out for is other bikes!!!
  19. My bike is my only means of transport, but when I do need to drive i find that I am trying to lane split and overtake in smaller gaps and cutting off a lot of people...... :D
  20. CARS DON'T LEAN!!!!!!!!!!!