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Now I AM in trouble...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nil_orally, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. Well, you see it was like this. Nice sunny day on Saturday morning, pleasant temperature and bike humming like a bird.

    I pick up my 13 y.o. daughter from her mother's place in Bayswater, and head off towards Woori Yallock where her horse is kept. Everything is in the groove. Enough space between cars in the lanes on Canterbury Rd to allow us to comfortably lanefilter, and meander through when the traffic is moving.

    We approach the roundabout on Swansea Rd, and there is a 4WD already on the roundabout that appears unsure where it is heading. The car in front decides not to risk it and brakes, a tactic I wasn't anticipating. Sphincter tightens, front and back brakes on, kick down from 2nd to 1st and "we should stop about a foot short of the bumper" races through my head. Then I hear the dreaded sound of squealing tyres, and realise too late it is my front wheel. Over goes the bike, and slides under the car in front.

    Immediate concern is for Kristie, but she has cat-like reflexes and has leapt off and landed on her feet, and assures me she is OK. I am winded, and feeling damned foolish.

    Long story short: Kristie is fine.
    Bike looks like it has fallen off sidestand only. Minimal damage really. On spotlight nadgered, gearshift lever mounting plate bent. No scrape marks (we were nearly stopped).

    What caused it? The white painted arrows in the middle of the road. Tyre skid mark starts exactly at the start of the paint. Grrrr.

    Me? Banged up knee, very sore ribs (ambos thought I might have broken some, but the dogs obviously were smiling Saturday). Day off work today.

    Protective gear? Unmarked, apart from helmet when I lay back after asking Kristie if she was OK.

    Big thanks to the following:
    The two guys who moved my bike to the nature strip.
    The person who I ran into, who ultimately took Kristie up to her horse in Woori Yalock (!)
    The person who called the ambos.
    The ambos. I thought I didn't need them at the time. How wrong was I? (PS folks - the ambo subscription is well worthwhile.
    Another PS. Make a joke with them, and they won't cut off your jeans and boots.)
    A guy I met at the scene for 3 seconds named Robert, who rode my bike home for me and left it under the carport (and his wife who followed him). Mate, whoever and wherever you are - thanks a million!

    Whose fault was this? Mine, fair and square. Lesson for me is don't just allow enough space, allow more than enough space.

    Why am I in trouble? The ex doesn't like bikes anyway.....