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Now how ironic is this....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by incitatus, May 21, 2007.


    Dr. James Richards, a prominent veterinarian who was a recognized authority on cat care, died Tuesday in Johnson City, N.Y. He was 58 and lived in Dryden, N.Y.Richards died of injuries he received in a motorcycle accident on Sunday. According to the New York State Police, he was thrown from his motorcycle after he tried without success to avoid hitting a cat that had run into the road.. :LOL:


    Now how bloody ironic is that...

  2. The best part of the irony is: he still hit the cat.
  3. There are only two reasons to avoid a cat-

    1/ if hitting said cat will result in harm to you or your ride.

    2/ to get a better swing at it with your boot!
  4. The only good cat is a flat cat...
  5. Another ironic thing is that the song "Ironic" by Alannis Morrissette doesn't actually contain a single lyric that is an example of irony.
  6. In the vets eyes it must have been . . . Pussy to die for
  7. Cat: 1 Vet: 0

  8. Here's a good cat.........
  9. 21/5/2002.
    Direct quote from the spokes moggy for the the Coalition Against Tabys Squiding (C.A.T.S.)
    He was a rouge cat, we have been lobying the department of transport for years to enforce compulsory safty equipment for all cats on the road.
    We can not keep loosing our loved ones this way.
    Cats shouldnt Squid

  10. Speed kills!!!

    The real problem was the cat was speeding on his:

  11. [​IMG]

    Cool cat....


    Not so cool.................
  12. It's a lot more off topic than it is general discussion
  13. It wasn't to start with! It was definitely motorcycle related as it was about a motorcycle accident of the 'permitted to post' kind'.......bastards
  14. Yep, you know us so well :grin: :p
  15. wouldn't be a stoner cat like this would it :(