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Now for something a little different...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rodgerdodger, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. tis impressive

    wouldn't own it but
  2. Jeez, all that money spent on it, you'd be afraid to ride it :LOL: {Maybe that's why it's for sale}
  3. Why does looking at it make me think of the circus? :LOL:
  4. Good luck in getting a buyer.. its a rip off
  5. i think it's pretty cheap actually

    not a big fan of the colours but to set up a supermoto is quite an expensive task
  6. yeh, cheap compared to amount spent on it,
    so if u wanna look at it that way its a bargain.
  7. LOL costs 20k to build did 7000kms and now asking 7 and will most likely end up with 5 or 6...
  8. Wouldnt be buyin it but i reckon it looks awesome...
  9. I'd buy it if i could afford it. For a supermoto it is pretty cheap, looks like it'd be a hoot to ride and it stands out in a crowd rather then just blending in!! Of yeah and you could enter it in 'show n shine'
  10. That's freakin cool. Anyone brave enough to ride those things the way they're meant to be is a champion.
  11. WOW I would call this art..

    I was thinking of doing a DR650... or a KLR650..