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Now f*ing what do I do? ... Broken ignition key

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Wilbur, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. So I was all set to head out for a really long 5hr ride to see a mate in the country. Sydney to Forbes via the Bells Line of Roads...

    It's a beautiful sunny day despite the weather report saying it's going to rain and I start to saddle up... Got on all my new gear I bought specially for this trip...

    I whip off the saddle to get my tyre gauge out of the tool kit because I haven't checked them in a while. Tyres are fine... Pop the saddle back on and grab the ignition key out of the saddle lock and *snap* I break off the ignition key... The vein attempts to pull it out only end up pushing it in further. It's broken off so low down the key there's nothing left of it sticking out of the lock... It's the only key I've got for the bike. I freak out. Call my mate and tell him I can't make it...

    Now what do I do?
  2. Pull the lock apart.

    Lesson is if you have a vehicle and only one key, cut a spare asap.
  3. The easiest thing to do is to call a locksmith, they'll be able to extract the key and they will normally be able to cut a new key from the lock.

    Sometimes they will need to have the fairing removed and sometimes security keys can't be cut but most bike keys still can be (some Hondas have security keys which they won't be able to do for example).

    If a locksmith can't do it by himself then you'll need to take it to the dealer and the dealer will be able to order a new key (if you still have the key code) or a new lock and key (if you don't).

    You might need to take it to the dealer anyway if the locksmith can't access the bottom of the lock... sometimes getting to the bottom of the lock requires taking the front end of the bike off.

    But check with a mobile locksmith first.
  4. Key

    If your bike has a helmet lock, un-bolt it & take it to a locksmith & they should be able to cut one from that, othewise it's very hard usually to remove the ignition as they have tamper proof bolts that need to be drilled out.
  5. If it's broken off in the seat lock then do what is descrived above with the helmet lock or call a lockmith.
  6. If you can touch the end of the key put a tiny drop of superglue on a paperclip/bobby pin and hold it on for 30 secs, and try to slide the key out.

    Works on beads in kids ears...

    good luck, let us all know how you fix this one, for future reference!
  7. That's "beans", isn't it? According to the 60s song anyway...

    Trevor G
  8. No it's beads - one in each ear, three and a half hours at the hospital, exactly the same as her aunty, same age, same hospital waiting room. Aunty calls the kids her 'Mini-Me'
  9. That was a great idea! Unfortuatly it didn't work and I think all I've done is super glued the key in the lock! :shock:

    I'll try pulling the lock out and apart tonight after a couple beers to help me concentrate :p
  10. I was going to say....NOOOOOOOOO superglue and locks don't mix. The brass pins will stick to the shear line.

    Call a locky, it's the only way.
  11. Yeah, well I tried to help :grin: . I'll know next time that trick works on door locks and beads in ears!!

    I have a spare key in the safe, and the key number in the filing cabinet, advantage of having a new bike!!!
  12. lol funny posts.

    Take the igingiotn lock of and take it to the locksmith.
    Dont take any other lock to the locksmith it must be the ignition.
    he wil ltake it out and cut a replacement one should cost less than 50$
    If they have to match a key from scratch it will cost more ~$100. The other locks have diffrent barrels but use the same key so u cant match of them.
  13. +1!

    take the helmet lock and if you can get the key out of it then he can cut one from the two broken parts. however if he cant then it'll cost a you and you'll need to bring in the actual ingnition barrel.(this is if i read correctly and the key is in the helmet lock?)
  14. I'm not sure if keys are reactive to magnets ( i think there is a proper term for this but i promptly forgot all chem and physics straight after school)... but could you got a really strong magnet (like that from a hard drive) and put a cloth over the lock (to save the paint) and used the magnet through the cloth to drag the key out.

    Just an idea... maybe think it through a little more throughly before trying it...
  15. Re: Key

    helmet locks generally dont use all of the pins of the ignition lock

    solution would be to use the spare key ;)

    learnt the hard way and always visit the locksmith soon after i buy a bike and get a spare key cut
  16. Fixed... Sorta

    Well... I finally got a new key.

    After some ridiculous quotes from locksmiths to come out and fix it ($250-$400) I managed to get the lock off the bike by half unbolting the fairing and bend it out of the way (I couldn't remove it with out taking the saddle off and it was locked on...). It took like 45 minutes to get the two bolts holding the lock off because you could only turn the spanner 5mm a time as the frame was in the way.

    I took it to the locksmith and they had to pull the lock apart and grind the barrel away from the key because it'd jammed behind one of the pins (it was probably superglued still).

    So now I've got a new key and can start/ride the bike again but I'm still up for a few hundred dollars if I want a full new lock set, or just a few bucks if I can get just a new saddle lock.

    The key was broken off half way down the shaft of the key and not at the head. If it was just at the head the superglue trick probably would have worked, also it looks like the locks have been replaced on my bike once before, each of the bolts holding the lock on were different.

    The simple way for anyone else who has a broken key in a lock. Remove the lock and take it to a locksmith. Chances are they'll be able to remove the key easily, cut a new one and give you back the working, intact lock.

    All this kinda makes a joke of my post signature doesn't it?