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Now brace yourselves ladies, no need to panic !!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. :(


    If someone needs a shoulder, or a marathon movie night of Dirty Dancing, Ghost and Point Break over a box of TimTams . . . . steve2909 is offering his services !! :rofl:

    But jeffatav will do it for an additional 2 boxes of TimTams ! :LOL:

  2. :?
    Sorry Mick, I am not a fan of Swayze ... but I fail to see the humor in someone being diagnosed with cancer that will see them dead in weeks.
    Perhaps I need to 'harden the fcuk up' ?
  3. I did put a ":("
    I don't want to admit i'm a fan ! :grin:
    It is sad, very talented actor.
  4. :wink:
    Yes it is sad .. ( wasn't taking a dig at ya, just .. well u know that damn "C" word seems to get the better of good people these days )
  5. Wow, that sucks.

    Pancreatic cancer kills you. Treatment's useless.

    He was cool in Black Dog and Point Break.
  6. I read that this morning.. very sad :(

    +1 to Point Break

    I haven't seen/heard of Black Dog?
  7. . . . and Red Dawn !

    That movie kicked ass !!!!
    Ranks up there in awesome 80s movies like Wargames and Goonies !!
    :grin: . . . Goonies rocked !!
  8. Lets not forget "Roadhouse".
  9. He plays a truck driver who's wife gets kidnapped by baddies.

    So he beats the shit out of all the baddies.

    When all the shit has been beaten out of the baddies, the movie has finished, and there is no more baddies who need the shit beaten out of them.

    That's pretty much the plot progression and it's ace.
  10. Point break was fine... except for the completely and utterly unrealistic skydiving scenes... that was during the time when I was skydiving and I was booing and hissing at the screen!

    That's tough about Patrick Swayze. :(

    That begs the question, what would you do if you knew you only had a very limited time left to go??
  11. Dammit, beat me too it!

    He was pretty cool in Donny Darko aswell in his twilight years!
  12. As Jim Cunningham the paedophile?

    A role well played isn't always one to be proud of :p
  13. Nahhh the utterly unrealistic scenes in that movie was the so called Bells Beach scenes @ the end. Other then that don't mind that movie at all.

    Jeeez someone didnt do there research to well on that one
  14. Ahhh, a person of great taste! That and point Break were his best. (In my humble opinion).

    Now now Charmed, who needs realism in a movie???? :p

    Sad news, I actually think that unlike 99% of the tosspot actors around he was worth watching.
  15. I love Black Dog too, its one of those movies thats so bad its good. I love it at the end when the fbi agents somehow stop the bank repossesing his house. Yeah like that happens in real life. Pure 80's hollywood (though it was made in 97 i think). Sad about Patrick, hope he makes it. :cry:
  16. You should have put SPOILER ya bastid
    now I know the end!
  17. That makes two utterly unrealistic scenes then. :)
  18. Tha's true Micky with all the extra ladies I would attract.....................plus I would need a couple of gallons of milk to suck through the Tim Tams :LOL: :LOL: ...wazzup...Waht???

    OH!!!....yeah shame about Pat but he has "had the time of his life" with Goldie Hawn (she was one of my midnight fantasy girls back in 'dem days :LOL: )

    Cookies, milk????
  19. Everyone's avoiding your question, Rob!

  20. WRONG mullet Jeff !!

    Your thinking of Kurt Russell !!! :LOL: