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Now all you need is a REAL light cycle

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BitSar, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. So "pimping" out your bike with LED valve caps isn't enough to rid your hunger for a TRON light cycle?

    Fear not!

    Now you can be a TRON character

    From site "about us"
    Where will it end? ](*,)
  2. I'm seeing bluetooth pairing between bike and suit, so all that red or white trim lights up as appropriate - left arm flashes on left indicator for eg, and that big disc on the back is another brake light...
    And if I see such a product on the market anytime soon, I shall know Takamii stole my idea ;)
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  3. Hey, I'm as much of a Tron devotee as the next guy (although not as much as Takami probably) but I wouldn't be caught dead in that gear. Strikes me as butt ugly to say the least.

    I'll wait for Takamii. His stuff is much better looking. I'm also looking at just putting some light wire on the seams of my jacket or on my helmet. Very Tron-ish but not so over the top as this video. YMMV or course.
  4. I was debating the white star trooper option, would look wicked on my white bike.
  5. Looks a bit half arsed to me. Still... worth considering :p
  6. I'm pretty sure i remember Takamii ~buying~ one of those, just before he started the wheel project...
  7. I saw one he had and it was nothing like that. It was much more like what they had in the movie. I'm not sure what this thing is. Big black web thing with red lights does not make a Tron suit in my mind.
  8. That suit is made by the same company but is a copy of the rinzler character
    my suit is a copy of the Sam Flynn ( main character ) suit
  9. A young fellow I know in Canberra has put LED lights into the back of his Race style boots

    the costs were

    Boots with rear ultra bright white LED (one per boot) extremely visible.
    - Battery life 5 hours before it begins do go dim 1 hr dim with total 6 hours battery dead.
    -running off watch batteries bought from ebay 100 for $6 delivered 3v disposable.

    $0.80 cents per boot

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