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now a proud owner of a Monster Dark

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Black Betty, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. And its gorgeous - sedately parked outside the door to my house, I've been admiring it all weekend. Tomorrow is the big day - the maiden ride.

    I didn't actually plan for this as such ..... I'll blame it on the bowl of choc fudge ice-cream I was enjoying at coffee last tue nite. Before I new it I'd said yes to purchasing 'black betty' off G (he has a brand new toy now) just seemed to make sense - my name sake & all.

    Anyhows, am very excited. The bike sounds amazing, feels just right & by tomorrow arvo am hopeing will all be under control! Now, must try & get some sleep :wink:

  2. Congrats BB! cant wait to check it out! :grin:
  3. Congrats, no way would I be leaving a new bike purchase all weekend to give it a maiden ride until tomorrow, why torture yourself? Get dressed and get out there for a midnight run.
  4. Nice one, have fun on the new beast.
  5. Black Betty Congratulations what a very appropriate purchase, that bike could probably navigate itself around most roads in Victoria! Have fun on your maiden ride and try to keep the choc fudge ice-cream consumption down, otherwise before you know it you will have said "Yes" to the other half of the contents of the Ducati Performance Monster catalogue, buying bling for your Duke is very addictive!! Enjoy and congratulations again.
  6. Thursdays weather is looking pretty good ......... :)
  7. Cool, should be right for a run this week :) Although might have trouble keepin up now! :cry: :LOL:
  8. top stuff, G's bike has a A Grade note ......... bet it will sound great as you bark it up through the hills.
  9. top buy there
    you will have fun on this bike :grin:
  10. Congrats! :D I love my Monster and admire it every time I walk in the garage.. too bad about me doing so much night shift..I neeeeeeed to ride moooooooore :( /end whine

    One day my Monster might get a makeover and turn black :wink: :grin:
  11. Congrats on the Monster BB, may you have many happy Km together. Still poring over my bling catalogue, mmmmmm shiny bits.
  12. Congrats on the purchase Betty!

    I hope you enjoy it as much as Brother G has enjoyed it!

  13. Hooray! Another Dark Duc on the road :cool:
    Mine's given me nothing but joy and envious looks fron the girls at the school down the road (Hey, I'm still young!!)
    Sounds very sex even with the quiet pipes on (may be soon the change that, mmm bling!) and even in its learner-fied guise gets along very briskly thankyou very much!
    Happy riding :)
  14. Hey Congrats on the purchase Donna. This will give a whole new meaning to your midweek rides :grin:
  15. Congratulations on the new bike :)

    I might be coming to tuesday coffee this week so if you're there I can drool all over it then.
  16. Well done Black Betty. Enjoy.

    But just one question...... does that mean you have to start drinking 'tea' like the other Duke riders. :LOL: :bolt:
  17. Congrats donna..... throw some pics up when you get a chance ;)

    cheers stewy
  18. Nooo - like a good strong coffee way to much for that :)
  19. Hey, congratulations - this really does seem to have been "new bike" weekend for Netriders!

    So now it's my turn to ask for some piccies! :grin:
  20. [img:756:567:fea937d03c]http://pawprintz.gallery.netspace.net.au/albums/Bike-Pics/PICT0009.jpg[/img:fea937d03c]
    here's a pic :grin:

    Took it out for a spin this morning - little different than the 250 - handled the dirt road real well - throttle a little stiff - but maybe thats just as well :wink: