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Featured Now a classic, this is what I learnt on

Discussion in 'Older / Classic Bikes' started by cruisin4abruisin, May 19, 2015.

    Ok, so this wasn't a classic then, but it is now (in my book anyway). 1983 Yamaha MX 100, 2 stroke, very capable little bike, Was an excellent learning point and gave us many years or reliable & faithfull service on the farm. With the choke out partially it would kick every time. It was sold in the clearing sale (after I had resprayed the frame, bars, exhaust & engine cases). The local panel beater fixed the rear guard (metal). It was purchased by a couple of older fellows who were madcap bike collectors from Cobrico. They were astonished that it not only had genuine spare parts still in the plastic, but also that it had a complete service history and books. Id give my eye teeth to have that bike back, Just to park her in the shed, keep it polished and running. It evokes many happy memories. PS, these pics are from google, as I cant find any of the one we had.

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  2. I had one for a while, discovered it had 3 power bands if you revved it hard enough, I did. The last power band had it vibrating so much I thought my toe nails would fall off.
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  3. Then it was onto AG bikes as I worked for other farmers, first the old red 100, followed briefly by a yellow 200, then a long time on the beige 200, with a brief stint on a grey 200 and finally a week on the blue (which was brand new then, just before I got sacked) Again, pics are for reference only, from google. 336398_9bf50699fa8d27de. Yamaha AG200. 313863_d20fcd8d108a5275. 1363043630-Pauanui++April+2012+003.-original. 200g. download (2). 336398_9bf50699fa8d27de. Yamaha AG200. 313863_d20fcd8d108a5275.
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