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Novus plastic polish

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Steve Vtec, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. Anyone heard of this stuff? My boss is a mad pinball fan and he's heard this novus stuff is the best thing to polish the play field with because it doesn't damage the paint and smooths out scratches/irregularities etc, and he has been told that a lot of motorcyclists use it to polish plastics and chrome... I've never heard of it and was wondering if anyone here knows what it is and where to buy it?

  2. Yup been using on my pinvall machines for years!
  3. be aware it has abrasives and removes material to remove scratches... like car "cut n polish"
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  4. Ah thank you. This is good :)
  5. just so you know how abrasive (grit size is not the only thing that is important, grit hardness too)

    from here Have you tried Novus #2 for windshield scratches?

    "Hello Nick,
    Thank you for inquiring about our products. The #2 & #3 polishes are abrasives and not recommended on coated plastics.
    The #2 polish can be used on polycarbonate if not coated. This is comparable to a 1200 sandpaper grit.
    The #3 is a 600 grit not to be used on polycarbonate.
    Please see if you can refer back to your manufacture to see if this windshield is coated.
    If you have anymore questions please call 800-548-6872 ext. 491.

    Best Regards,
    Kim Peterson

    other info around saying it doesn't damage Mylar (which is why it became popular for pinball machines)

    Mylar is PET plastic.. so if it doesn't damage PET, then the abrasive grit must softer than (or similar to) Mylar...
    which means it will not polish Mylar or anything harder.. but will polish anything softer.

    so... it will not "polish" chrome (as in, remove scratches) but is probably perfect for cleaning crap off it without scratching :)

    for plastics and paints it depends how hard they are, but will work as a scratch remover in the "cut n polish" sense, but be much milder (and slower) than using a ceramic based cutting compound.
    it doesn't "fill" scratches, just grinds down the surface to the depth of the scratch.

    note that the "#3 is not to be used on Polycarbonate (which is a bit soft), acrylic is a fair bit harder than PC

    edit, from Panasonic for polishing CCTV camera domes
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  6. even better info :) (I didn't search to verify the info though, so grain of salt.. also suggests it should be able to damage Mylar as well.. although maybe slowly, you just can't trust the internets these days ;) )

    Sanding media and their grits - Page 3 - International Association of Penturners

    Novus #3 is:
    Dipropylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether 3-7%
    Alumina dust 10-30% (
    Water 60-80%

    ie, Alumina is the abrasive, is quite hard, will polish metals and some ceramics, probably around 20 micron, which is pretty big.. may as well use 1200 grit wet paper instead unless you have compound curves

    Novus #2 is:
    mineral spirits 7-13%
    silica, amorphous, diatomaceous earth 1-5%
    crystalline silicas 0-4.3%
    morpholine 1-5%
    oleic acid 1-5%
    water 60-70%

    so.. silica particles, and reported to be around 5.5um in size.. DE when broken up can be a bit sharp edged, and is still hard enough to polish metals, although more slowly. probably good for aluminium
    probably similar to P2400 silicon carbide paper..

    I think Autosol is around 3um(?) for comparison, and it will leave some scratches in soft aluminium but you probably won't see them in plastic. 1um or better yet 1/4 micron will give you mirror finish in metals
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    Yup - but the price keeps going up and up.

    I've heard Vuplex is a cheaper alternative but have not yet tried it
  9. I find VuPlex more a wax than a cleaner.
    It's best put on after a thorough clean.
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  10. Where do you buy plexus and vuplex?

  11. Vuplex is available at AutoBarn and Bunnings, also (for Melbourne riders) at Advantage Motorcycles in Hoppers Crossing: who are the cheapest of the three! Bunnings keep it in the window blinds section, of all places.

    I used to use 254 but that became difficult to get in Australia so I switched to Plexus, but again the price has become off-putting so I switched to the local brand, Vuplex. It is a true cleaner, not a wax, and is great for getting bugs off screens and visors.

    Back to Novus: be careful. Be very, very careful. The apprentice was tasked to clean out a scratch on the windscreen of one of my JetRangers and put a permanent scar in the perspex. It is very easy to go too deep and damage any plastic if you're overenthusiastic with the application.
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  12. Plexus from any moto shop.
    Expect ~35AUD a can

    Vuplex I have not bought. I think Bunnings has it for ~20AUD a can.
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  13. Vuplex $12.95 small can from Advantage Motorcycles, $19 for the large can.
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  14. Vuplex smells nice :D
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  15. This stuff works an absolute treat. 20151122_132204. 1448184640114.
  16. Cheers greggles I might give that a go on the cb400 headers...
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    ** Correction **
    Vuplex is being cross marketed by a PVC blind manufacturer.
    You might find it cheaper at Radins, Nolan UDA or another PVC and fabric supplier.
    Or any other place selling PVC cafe blinds.
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