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Novice to Novice - First Off

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jjredwood, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    After 1year and 1 month of ridding my first bike, a GS500 (one of the best novice bikes), i hit the road and slid.

    I was riding home, in a rush, it just turned night and the road was wet from rain during the day. I was sitting in the left most lane(closet to the curb) trying to get around a buss sitting in the middle lane. Suddenly the bus decide to pull into my lane to stop (must have forgotten to drop off a passenger). I was still two car lengths from the back off the bus. I hit the front brakes. next thing i knew, I was sliding towards the back up the bus stopping only 3 meters from it's arse.

    I jumped off the road onto the pavement, ripped off my helmet and assessed the damage (to myself of course). I was in okay shape .. wrist hurt like hell, my hip was sore and i lost skin to my nee. (later the bike would be ridden-off due to repair costs)

    You know I could say it was the buses fault for pulling into my lane, but it was me ridding the bike.

    1. I should not have put myself in that position, between the buss and the pavement. Buss pull over all the time, really stupid of my.
    2. I should've been wearing protective clothing on my legs and nee. My gloves wore down around the knuckles, my jacket protected my wrist and arm, and of course my helmet . ..

    And . . .

    3. Most importantly I was in the wrong head space to ride. It was wet and dark, i was in a rush (to get my son) the two do not mix. Plus I was over confident, i've been riding for a year and completed a several training courses.

    So to all riders out there, before you get on your bike, stop and check your head space. Make sure you're in the right frame of mind for the conditions and your level experience :!:
  2. ross to hear about the slide mate... Dead on the money with over confidence. My baby is still waiting on repairs due to me pushing past the threshold. Get some hornees mate. They offer barely any protection but they will save ur skin. A leather suit could also be great for the more spirited rides.
  3. Lucky you came out of it pretty well considering the circumstances. I hope you don't come off again. :)

    As for Hornees, I suggest paying the little bit extra and get Draggins instead. I've had both Hornees and Draggins. Draggins look and feel better made as well as offering a little more cover at your hips.
  4. I actually had bought my self a pair pf the draggin jeans the day before, so i wasn't wearing them when i came - figures.

    I learnt a valuable lesson, to stop and put myself in the right frame of mind before a ride.

    After 3 months of not ridding I'm about to get a new bike this weekend - a Street triple - R
  5. Hornee's cost more! :LOL:

    Draggins generally = $200 AU

    Hornees generally = $240 AU (based on whether they are faded, diff cuts etc.

    and for the OP if you really want to cover ur arse, get some leathers. I got sent flying at a fair pace and came out of it no worse for wear.
  6. Not good to read about your mishap but great that you've assessed what you could've done better. Stay safe out there.

    Seems like every cloud has a silver lining, enjoy your Striple.
  7. Good to hear you're back riding - you'll have loads of fun on the street triple. I did the same jump from a GS! Be sure to post some pics!
  8. Glad to hear you're ok and back riding.

    They're not for everyone, but I own a pair of RJay's Explorer textile pants that, once I remove the winter zip-out liner, fit right over the top of whatever pants I'm wearing. I've never tried, but I'm pretty sure I could fold them and fit them under my seat if needed, and they have hip and combined knee and shin armour.
  9. Ah well, enjoy the Striple Jules :)