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November Snowy ride routes etc

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by jeffatav, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. Hi All

    I hope this is the appropriate section!

    A few mates and I are doing the snowy charity ride in November (over friday arvo, saturday and sunday morning) and from what I can gather, it is a free for all and go where you like as long as you get to certain checkpoints.

    My question is, having never ridden in the Snowy region before, what are the best roads (loops etc) and is there a good publication I could buy so at least I have some idea where to go beforehand.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Ah Jeff so many ways you can go, sooo many good roads to explore.
    The Hema Australian motorcycle atlas is a good start, when we went for the ride down to Bright we headed out that way.
    The way we headed out was from Cooma, up to Adiminaby, to Kiandra, then cut down to Cabramurra and we headed out to Tintaldra from there. But you could keep going down to Khancoban and around the back way to Thredbo.
    Its a fantastic peice of riding, with some excellent scenary, check it out!!
    Then on the way back you can head back out towards Jindabyne completing the huge loop of the snowys.
  3. jeff upon registration you will be give a list of places where check points are, you need to go through 5 check points throughout the saturday to get your card signed off, but you best to google snowyride to get all the details, i should be there this year, work pedending although that might not be a problem for to much longer
  4. Jeff, put simply you will be hard pressed to find a bad road in the area.

    IMO the Snowy Region (including the Victorian High Country) has roads of such quality you will be wondering about the raves other roads get (ie. Putty). You will find roads for to suit every taste or mood and all with views that are unsurpassed.

    The best bet is to get there, pick a road and direction, then just turn to see where it takes you. Or you could (should?) get a copy of the top 100 rides in Australia and take it from there.

  5. you could buy me a beer and i could just tell you all the roads/loops in the area :grin:

    Snowy River Shire, Bombala Shire, Bega Valley Shire, Cooma-Monaro Shire, Palerang Shire - mine, ALLLLLL MIIIINNNNEEEEE!!!!
  6. deal!!!!
  7. Hey Jeff how are you going??, I would be interested in that ride. Only if im not stuck out on a ship, (PM me with what plans you have so far), And i love that flat out on a cruiser photo from the henno run, ha ha

    Take care, ride safe.

    Sprint ST
  8. This is a great riding road ,I loved it .
    Lucky I was following Wedge ,qbnspeedfreak and Mel ,or Mickyb I would be still lost up there. :LOL:
  9. Hey Keiren, howsithangin :LOL:

    Ya have to book and a friend of mine has made arrangements for accomodation etc at thredbo???


    How cool do I look with my feet on the back pegs going at least 25k/hr :LOL: :LOL:

    Hey, I am now also looking at getting a honda cb900 hornet soon, so I'll be up for a few day runs etc when that comes through.

    Keep watch now..................no icebergs


  10. Hey Jeff, yes ive seen the web site (07 snowy ride), but as normal it all depends on where im at when it comes around (land or sea),If im around ill ride down with you guys and sleep under a tree or something.

    Might find me a summer sky bunny,

    Catch ya later Jeff

    Take care, Ride safe. :cool: