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November Photo Competition- Entries

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by Caz V1, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. Oops, I'm a bit late again :eek:

  2. me first... taken yesterday

  3. me and the Hyo before meeting the guys for a ride

  4. [​IMG]
    click for supersize
  5. Barry Way south of Jindabyne, taken 1 Nov.
  6. Bike in Backyard
    This picture was taken right after i finished painting the tank for a school project.

  7. Last month there was a photo of a Koala and plenty of photo's of bikes, i figured I'd try and combine the two.

    Here is the result

  8. Not 100% sure if this qualifies as an entry as there is no bike in it, but I was out last night at a Jazz night and here's a couple of pics I took. :)


    Edit: Both Pics are unedited btw...


  9. Here's my first entry, my brother-in-law's ZX6R down at St Kilda marina

  10. nice editing rob_ its a really nicely set out shot.

    tell me did someone else take it...or did you hit the timer and run like mad to stand there and pose :p
  11. rob_ : that is a freakin' awesome shot mate.

    vladpp: Damn - nice backyard! ;)
  12. my first entry sorry about the quality phone camera :(

  13. Took this one today after a couple of us went down the great ocean road.
    Only had the phone with me to take pics. :(

  14. Tar-Max group at the Dargo Hotel today :)
    Spot the Bandit
  15. thanks slickn' and morbo. :)

    I took it myself using a new sony a350 digital SLR. the perks of working at a place that sells cameras... i took it myself, had it sitting on a wall (wave break type thing?) near the beach. meant i actually found a use for live view. yeah, self timer, somehow only needed one shot to get it right. then just a 5 mins photoshop job at home. i have heaps from that day - sure beat studying!
  16. Got this T-shirt some months ago...


    Performing at the famous TT-racetrack of Assen, The Netherlands.
    The very next day there were bikes riding!
  17. This one was taken the day after we went to the Melbourne Motorcycle Expo. We're getting him in young!


    Nanna is credited with taking this picture :)
  18. Great shot Clair, this is my baby :demon:


    Nice!!! :grin:

  19. Great shot!
  20. going to enter another one with a bike in it. taken yesterday..