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Novelty helmets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by bruthahood, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. this may be a stupid thing to ask about being that the name novelty implies it probably isnt meant to be worn all the time, but im after one of the old german style open face helmets that pass the australian safety standards so i can legally ride with it on
    you know the one thats a half helmet with a brim right the way round. id also like one with a spike on top.
    if this is just asking too much of australian politics (and possibly risking a bit much on my own behalf)
    thats fine but even if someone could help me out with the same thing even if it doesnt pass the standards cause you cant stop a man who wants something
    also i have a set of exhaust flamethrowers, if anyone knows either someone who has installed them before or knows a bit about them please let me know cause im no good at welding and without the weld the flames wont be coming out the exhaust

    i appreciate any help on these subjects

  2. Anything with a spike is unlikely to pass safety regs anywhere since if it's the first thing to hit anything solid it's going to concentrate the force over a very small area. That said there was a time when a leather cap was considered adequate protection so if a spiked helmet is what you want you could try somewhere like here:
    (just two I found on the 'net).
  3. thanks jd,
    i have seen both those websites, but being american they only pass the DOT standard.
    anyway maybe i need to do some more research or possibly rethink having a spike
  4. Given the costs involved with getting something approved, and the number of potential customers, I reckon it's unlikely that anyone would be selling AS approved german helmets with spikes (plus as I mentioned it's highly unlikely anything with a solid spike would be even capable of passing).
  5. does anyone know if they sell AS approved german bucket helmets (not spike)... just the first one described in this post?

    this would be appreciated...
  6. cheers for the link caz!

    still not what i'm after :( *sulk*.... i'm looking for a khaki coloured one...