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[Nov 9, 2014] Kangaroo Valley Loop (Kangaroo valley)

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by icemaker, Nov 4, 2014.

Kangaroo Valley Loop
Start Date: Nov 9, 2014 09:00
End Date: Nov 9, 2014 14:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

Kangaroo Valley
moss vale road
Kangaroo valley

Posted By: icemaker

Confirmed Attendees: 6
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  1. @Senetor17@Senetor17 and I are planning a little day trip down through Kangaroo Valley on Sunday.
    The rough plan is for me to meet any Sydneysiders at Bald Hill.
    We would then head down the coast to Bulli and jump on Memorial Drive which links up with the hwy and top up with fuel in Yallah.
    The fun starts from here and we ride up Maq pass through K Valley and to the Shoalhaven Heads pub which is less busy, have a large beer garden and good food. Also you get to go up and down Cambewarra.
    From here we can chat about the next destination.
    If time is not an issue we could just go back the way we came or we could head up the coast to Gerringong and across to Albion Park Via Jamberoo which is an awesome little road.
    From Albion Park we can head back up the freeway where Ill peel off near the University of Wollongong and the Sydneysiders can carry on from there.

    Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/iR8FR

    Meet times are yet to be decided so stay posted.
    Noobs are more than welcome.
    So who's in for any awesome day riding???
  2. Count me in.
  3. I am in and sounds like fun.
    It would be great to ride with some experienced riders rather than riding solo!

    I might take the national park route down from sydney and meet up in Bulli as a bit of a pre ride warm up :)

    I am a red p plater so hopefully I won't slow you guys down too much ;)

    More than happy to meet up with any Sydneysiders first and ride together.
  4. @Simigh@Simigh- I'm in Rouse Hill area. Maybe we can meet up on the way to Bald Hill?
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  5. Sounds like a plan. Once the meet time is posted we can arrange when and where.
  6. tentatively in :) (Red P here too) (hopefully not too early start :D )
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  7. Anyone want to meet me at Maccas Heathcote, Corner of Wilson Pde and Princes Hwy at 8:30am for a 9:00 am departure? Also if anyone from around the Liverpool area wants to meet at Trooper Lu's around 8:00 AM Moorebank, just let me know.
  8. @Senetor17@Senetor17 - I'll meet you at Trooper Lu's at 8am. Ok?

    @Simigh@Simigh - Does that also suit you?
  9. Sounds great George, see you there Sunday morning.
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  10. We're doing National park anyway, why not meet us at Maccas at Heathcote? Or Trooper Lus at Moorebank?
  11. Hi I would be interested in coming along also. I could meet you all at Bulli on the way through. I am still on my red P's tho. Would this be an issue?
  12. Happy to have you join us, red p's won't be an issue
  13. Ok, I will meet you in the car park of Macca's at 8.30am if that's cool?
    I will be wearing the long coat with the trilby hat carrying a copy of the Australian under my right arm. :)

    I will be on the red zuki
  14. Nah not an issue at all mate.
    So it looks like a 9:30 - 9:45 meet up at Bald Hill. Probably have a quick chat and leave at 10am.
    @Conorkc@Conorkc do you reckon you could make it to Bald Hill Stanwell Tops rather than Bulli so we can limit the amount of times we need to stop?
  15. Happy to change the meet up point to suit :)
  16. will be Bald Hill at 9.30 for me.. no way I can leave by 7 for Trooper Lu's :Dwill still be asleep...

    @Conorkc@Conorkc, I can pick you up on the way, the Coledale run is always nice, and only 20 mins up the hill for you
  17. Ya can do, where do you want to meet? And what will you be on?
  18. errm.. i'll be coming up Memorial Drive, so maybe the Shell where Memorial meets princes highway.. or Woonona maccas carpark? or open to suggestions, as I'm not familiar with good places to stop around there.
    around 9am?
    Blue ZZR250 :)
  19. I am also on red Ps (blue VTR250) and stick to the speed limits... hopefully thats not a problem in a group ride... and if the weather's good, would love to join in....only I have no idea where any of the meeting points mentioned are... anyone starting out from the Epping area I could follow?