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[Nov 30, 2014] Canberra Protest Ride, 1st Dec 2014 (vic)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by deadman, Nov 24, 2014.

Canberra Protest Ride, 1st Dec 2014
Start Date: Nov 30, 2014 10:00
End Date: Nov 30, 2014 12:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

Donnybrook Hotel
vic 3064

Posted By: deadman

Confirmed Attendees: 1
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  1. Is any one going on this ride to Canberra this weekend,

    Its in Canberra on Monday, To protest the Anti Association Laws they are introducing in Australia,

    Vlad Laws do effect you, They do include everyone,

    There is a big group going from the Donnybrook Hotel, 10-00 AM Sunday Morning,

    This run is registered and should not be harrassed,
  2. Hey Deadman, I put up a similar post Saturday night. My partner and I are going, but we'll meet up en route. Avanel or beyond.
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  3. I looked every where before I posted this one, I couldnt find any thing on it, Whats your thread called.
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    I didn't want to put it just under vic rides as there could be others coming from other states.

    See you out there tomorrow. Should be with you by Glenrowan. Riding burgundy XVS1100 custom with a big burgundy bag on the back.
  5. I didnt leave till after 3 PM Sunday, Got to Canberra half twelve, Then it rained,
    First ride on the Bird in 9 months, Broken shoulder does that,
    And I had to get the Fairings back on the Bird before I left,
    So was running a bit late,
    I was still there for the Protest,
    As Usuall, All the Keyboard Warriors were no shows again, Hahahahaha.
    Nearly all Harleys, Sports Bikes were few and far between,
    1480 Kays round trip, Came home down the Bonang instead of the Mitta Mitta road, as my wrists and fingers kept getting cramped up from these Idiotic clipons, I had to stop every 100 kays to release my fingers from the twistgrip, They might be good for 10 or 15 laps of a track, But they are totally crap on the road,
    When I pull 6 to 900 kays in a day, I want to be in comfort, enjoying the ride, In full control,
    Not crippled up in pain, And its bloody dangerous on the roads I ride, and you never get any where if you have to stop all the time, Just to uncramp myself, This is B/S in the extreme,
    another set of 12 inch Risers going on it very shortly, PICT0096.JPG


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  6. So did it achieve anything worthwhile?

    I've seen a few videos of the speeches, were they as painful in person as they appeared on the vids.

    A few little hints for those giving speeches

    Rehearse, if only a little bit.
    Make small 'prompt cards' to keep yourself on track and coherent.
    If you make statements, make sure they are factual.
  7. The PA system was sadly lacking. Couldn't hear a few of the speakers.
    As for achievements, probably little, but we'll have to wait and see.
    There was a petition being delivered but it was held over until the next day.
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  8. Did it achieve any thing, No idea, But I hope so, Thats why I went,

    But it is making people aware of what is actually happening and what has already happened,

    We were standing up for everybody, As these Laws effect everybody in Australia,

    If you were not there, You dont have the right to take pot shots at the riders who were there, standing up for
    you and your rights,

    As I said previously, The Keyboard Warriors on Sports Bikes were very noticeably missing, Very Few in fact, Actually attended,

    So where were all of them, Standing up for their rights,

    Wagga is not far, You could have gone and been back in the same day,

    Cheers, Brian,
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    Don't try that holier than thou, condescending crap on me.

    Had I thought the protest would have achieved anything meaningful I would have been there.

    Who was the media liaison? There was NO press coverage. How the hell do you expect people to know about it if you don't get the press there to cover it? The local Canberra News doesn't count it's only local and the Courier Mail covered it within a piece about how well the police have done cracking down on bikie crime.

    The Federal Government has no jurisdiction when it comes to state criminal legislation. You were wasting your time. You want to protest these laws, go to Queensland and protest, but don't do it peacefully, don't get approval to do it. If you are not prepared to get tazered, capsicum sprayed, shot with rubber bullets, bitten by police dogs and trampled by horses and get arrested, you're wasting your time.

    I hope the irony of being escorted by the police and having happy snaps taken with them wasn't lost on those attending.

    It's also interesting that Mr Bob Katter spoke at the rally. Where was his public condemnation of the laws in September last year?

    There was a protest in Brisbane earlier this year. You know, the state where these laws exist. It achieved precisely nothing. What do you think will be achieved protesting in Canberra with no major media coverage.

    Oh and dressing like faux outlaws only strengthens the stereotype. You would have been better served by having organisers arriving on bikes in suits.

    Speaking of organisers arriving on bikes, is it true that one or more of the organisers trailered their bike to the rally? Really?

    deadmandeadman do you know Mick Higgs? If you do let him know I said hello.
  10. No I dont know Mick Higgs,

    Right wrong or other wise, At least we did some thing,
    Its better than rolling over and getting shafted like we have already,
    And no, I am not getting into an argument over it,
    Victoria and Tasmania, Its illegal to protest now,
  11. I thought you might.

    Are you suggesting I've done nothing?
  12. Has there been a protest in Victoria? I find it hard to believe protesting in Victoria is illegal
  13. It does beg the question why will that stop you from protesting if you really feel strongly about something.

    Oh that's right, people want to fill out forms, get approval and be escorted like good little subjects.
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    Not that I saw or heard of.
  15. Try again Steve. I know at least one organiser (Dale Maggs) trailered his bike from Melbourne to Canberra - how many others did?

    You might have worn a blue or red textile jacket, but there were vastly more people dressed as faux outlaws.

    If you have Face book have a look at the footage put out on the Freedom Riders page.
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    Yes I organised the Freedom Ride to Canberra on Dec 1
    I didn't think it possible to drive the recovery Ute & Carry the PA system kindly donated by Harley Heaven Brunwick for the event my son and a ton of other gear on my sporty so your point is?
    Well said key board warriors zip it
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  17. So as an organiser, maybe you can answer some of my other questions.

    Or you can continue to call me a keyboard warrior and feel good about yourself.

    I suppose you think I've done nothing to fight the VLAD and CODA laws?
  18. I realise this isn't you Dale, but it's a good example of the quality of the leadership of the IRG.

  19. Not illegal as such, but in March this year broader powers were given to the Police under the Summery Offences Act to move people on, exclude them from blocking traffic or access to buildings and a court can issues fines and exclusion notices against individuals from areas if they repeatedly occupy an area.

    The problem is it is loosely worded enough to allow the police great latitude. e.g. the person is or persons are causing, or likely to cause, an undue obstruction to another person or persons or traffic;
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    Completely off topic please keep your focus

    May I say in respect to those who may Veiw this clip yes an altercation took place after the MRA meeting was finalised police where
    Called & charges where laid.
    A member of the MRA was charged & placed on a diversion program he offered his resignation as a member this was declined by the MRA board
    The actions of the Member who assaulted the suspended member was completely out of character & his actions & remorse was taken into consideration when dealing with the matter.
    I still don't see the relavence of posting this clip as it has nothing to do with the freedom ride to Canberra!

    Yes just 1 extra tool in the toolbox to prohibit the use of people power to those who choose to show discontent within the community about matters that may effect their way of life .