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Nov 29 Broadford, Intro to racing & fun day.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    My racing club 'Preston Motorcycle Club' is running an intruction to racing & fun day at Broadford on Sunday November 29.

    A few racers have donated their time to offer advice to riders that would like some guidance about getting onto the race track. I'll have to see if cejay is available to offer advice that he thinks is applicable to new racers, seeing as he has recently started and is going well.

    It'll be a low cost day (I expect about $135) for road riders to get out on the track in a safe environment and get some tuition.

    I highly reccommend Broadford for your first track day as it's not as fast as Phillip Island, it helps get your mind up to speed before taking-on the warp speeds of the Island.

    I'll get more details soon, You will need full leathers (1 or 2 piece), I'd expect there to be a BBQ lunch.

    Regards, John
  2. Where's the fun in that? :?

    Who rides a motorbike to get their mind up to speed? :LOL: :p

    Give me the 300kmh straight at PI any day! :grin:
  3. Is this a preston MC event?
    is there the usual license restriction? meaning no 'L'

    I highly recommend people on 250 to try out broadford. Its a good track.
    best $135 you will spend.
  4. Get out there and have a go!

    Don't keep on saying "I'll just do a few more trackdays first" or you'll get to your first race and be kicking yourself for not having done it sooner.
  5. So is it a race meet?
  6. So wats it gonna be like?

    a track day where people talk about racing and get to go on the track?
  7. The day is designed to give a hand, to those who would like to Race, and don't know where to start.

    The other component is designed to offer assistance to those who would like to ride a racetrack, but don't need the pressure of having to go fast. There will be graded groups.

    It is taken seriously by the organising club, so if you think that you might be a timewaster, go somewhere else instead.
  8. Sweet...a track day I've been waiting for :D. I was going to join Preston MC later on, got all the forms here, just got to hand it/fax it in.

    Just wondering though, for $135 is that a whole day? also do you need an MA/MV license to have ride on the track? Or are there one day licenses available? (planning on getting a National License once I joing Preston MC).

    Also what requirements are needed for the bike to pass scrutineering.

    Not sure how well an Across will handle on the track...damn heavy bikes.

    Sorry about all the questions, but I think it might be useful for all the noobs out there just like me.

    phong =P~
  9. From past events of this nature....

    * You do not even need a road licence, a 'one day' event licence will be organized for you.

    * Full leathers will be needed, no skin exposed, 2 piece leathers must be joined by a zip.

    * Road bikes are ok, any glass will have to be taped.
  10. Thanks for that :D. I will organize myself and hopefully will be able to attend.

    BTW how much would entry cost if say my friends come along to watch?

    phong =P~
  11. Spectators must give beer to Johnny and I. No gate charge.
  12. Pitty I can't make it that weekend, that sounds like a good day. Do you do these intro days very often?
  13. Once a year.
  14. bugger...once a year :?

    I guess it's due to the race season being finished and not beginning till start of next year?

    Hoping I can make it, wanted to see how racing is like.

    phong =P~
  15. Hi all.
    It is SATURDAY 29th November 2008. 8am at Broadford
    You need a road worthy bike with decent tyres, top and bottom leathers, back protector and boots and gloves and a current ambulance subscription.
    Cost will be
    $170.00, which includes a one day licence and a 12 month membership to Preston Motor Cycle Club.
    $120.00 for current PMCC members and a one day race licence
    $100.00 for PMCC members with a licence.

    The second race school and fun day will be at Broadford on
    Saturday 31st January 2009.
  16. Saturday?! Oops, I have to work :( I can't make it, sorry.
  17. Pity. We will have to do it without you.
  18. Oh no! no Johny O show!

    Last one was on a Saturday too. They always are.
  19. PMCC Day

    Do you want a sidecar there? I need to run in a new engine for the Interclub the next day. Duncan
    Ooops weekend mixed up!
  20. I'd have to check