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[Nov 21, 2015] Northwest Brisbane, Samford, Mt Mee and Maleny (Samford, QLD)

Discussion in 'QLD' started by teef, Nov 16, 2015.

Northwest Brisbane, Samford, Mt Mee and Maleny
Start Date: Nov 21, 2015 07:00
End Date: Nov 21, 2015 13:00
Time Zone: Australia/Brisbane +10:00 AEST

Caltex Samford
2 Mt Glorious Rd
Samford, QLD 4520

Posted By: teef

Confirmed Attendees: 4
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  1. Hi Everyone,

    A few have expressed interest in a relaxed ride out to the Northwest of Brisbane. We were going to take a crack at it last weekend but the weather was not perfect. This coming Saturday is forecast as warm and no rain.

    On this run the aim will be to have a relaxed pace and perhaps allow for new or inexperienced riders to have their first go at some mountain twisties with perhaps a couple of people who know the route.

    I'm proposing the following simple rules:

    - Ride safely
    - Ride legally
    - Ride at your own pace
    - Look after each other
    - Nobody gets left behind
    - Have fun

    I'm proposing to have a few stops on the way. We can start with a briefing, have plenty of stops, debriefs and take in the scenery. Meet at Caltex Samford at 7:00AM for a 7:30AM departure. From there we can ride up to Dayboro then through up to Mt Mee. I'd like to stop at the Mt Mee lookout for a rest and a coffee if needed. From there we will continue north to D'Aguilar and turn left towards Woodford. Once through Woodford we will turn right on to Beerburrum Rd. Just past Cedarton we will turn left and head up some more twisties and the back way into Maleny. Just short of Maleny we will turn right and head to Mary Cairncross Park where there is an excellent view and a café. At this location we can perhaps have lunch, a full debrief and discuss options for heading back to Brisbane.

    Make no mistake there are some challenging roads on the route and it's a slightly lengthy ride. The point is that we will maintain an easy pace, we will look after each other and stay together. I'd love it if at least one other experienced rider signed up so perhaps one of us can lead the way and the other stay at the tail. Nobody is getting left behind.

    Looking forward to this!
  2. Also it is quite likely at least two of us will head out from Redlands (southeast bayside, so perhaps there could be some meetup points along the way?
  3. Sounds good - am yet to get a pic of the bike somewhere scenic
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  4. Just wondering where the Caltex servo is,
    Lot 31, MT GLORIOUS RD, Samford Village,
    ? Have i found the right address
  5. Hey mate, it's right on the roundabout in the middle of town. You can't find Samford and not be able to find the Caltex.
  6. Too easy, thinking a about it but would need to leave home about 5.30 to be there on time. Will Make a decision toward the end of the week of That's okay.
  7. No worries, depending on how may sign up and what their requirements are, we might be able to delay an hour? Wouldn't bother me. Let's see how we go.
  8. Sounds good start time isn't too much of a problem seem to be awake most mornings just on daybreak these days not sure why. Will keep in touch.
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  9. I am a bit the same, might be able to come down to Samford from the Sunny Coast.

    Will have a think about it, see what the weather is up to, etc.

    If its going to be warm Id prefer to do my usual route ( which includes that back rd into Maleney) .and leave my place at 6 to be back home by 9-10 depending on how long I stop for coffee, breakky, etc.
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  10. No worries, let us know how you go :)
  11. I've just submitted my leave application to the minister of war, finance and (her new portfolio) leave.

    Should be good as I've some time in lieu.
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  12. Awesome, if you need a character reference to go on the leave application, let me know ;-)
  13. Leave application has been approved. I'll be there on Saturday.

    I've changed the tack on seeing what is on on the weekend. Rather than saying, "What's on this weekend", I said "Is there anything that I need to cancel or reschedule this weekend for this ride?".......hehehehe....
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  14. I have established a pattern or routine if you will to condition the household to the fact that I will be going for a ride.

    Every Friday night I lay out my riding gear, clean my visor, check tyre pressures, etc.
    I get out of bed before anyone else is up on Saturday morning and head out, leaving at about 6. I always get back at a similar time (between 11-11:30). The wife and kids do whatever they want to knowing ill be home by that time.

    Regarding your situation Batters, I find its better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Much easier to say "sorry" than "do you think it would be ok if I ". This goes for riding as well as buying parts, accessories and modding.
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  15. I stopped reading after you said you get out of bed and leave at 6am before others are up. :)

    Currently, my 2.5 year old daughter wakes up at precisely 4:30 every morning....aaaand she is expecting parenting, like wtf?

    I'm thinking it must be cause I'm such an awesome parent that she wants more of it in a day. At least if I think like that I'm less likely to cry myself to sleep at night thinking of waking up in a few hours.
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  16. Mate at least half the time both my girls are up by then too. They also know the routine though and usually even come out to the garage and wave me off.

    Luckily @ 5 and 7, they can turn the tv on and even manage a bowl of cereal all by themselves. Meanwhile the wife sleeps on blissfully unaware.
  17. So you're saying there is light at the end of the tunnel. Yay!!
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  18. Take it from a seasoned veteran my friend that light is merely a mirage sent to lull you into a false sense of bliss. Just as you start to think it's all downhill and going your way, wham the kids will find a way to show you you're not really in control of your life. But you won't swap it for anything else in the world either. :rolleyes::LOL:
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  19. And we have .... Ummmm ..... Zero confirmed attendees LOL, it might be a quiet ride ;-)