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NSW [Nov 20, 2015] Sydney Motorcycle Show (Sydney Olympic Park, NSW)

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Sep 13, 2015.

Sydney Motorcycle Show
Start Date: Nov 20, 2015 10:00
End Date: Nov 22, 2015 17:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

Sydney Showgrounds
1 Showgrounds Rd
Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127

Posted By: Mouth

Confirmed Attendees: 13
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  1. The Sydney Motorcycle Show is Australia’s largest attended Motorcycle Show, is a public exhibition held over 3 three days in November at the Sydney Showgrounds in Sydney Olympic Park. Visitors can expect to over 130 Exhibitors showcasing the largest range of Motorcycles, Scooters, ATV’s, Side By Sides, Trikes and PWC’s.

    The show features a full line up of live Motorcycle entertainment. From test rides, bike displays and competitions. This is where you can view the full show features, latest programs of entertainment and special events at the show.

    Sydney Motorcycle Show

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  2. Will there be a Netrider stand????
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  3. I was waiting for someone to post a thread for this haha, I've known about it for ages. Will be my first time going :)
  4. Hope there will be free parking for bikes, as per usual.
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  5. Can always post your own :p
    Post New Event
  6. Who's going, which day and want to meet up?
  7. definitely going.. bike shopping maybe? :D
    thinking Friday will be less busy - more chance to chuck a leg over and have a decent chat to reps?
  8. good excuse to chuck a sickie that friday for a long weekend hehe

    Prefer not to deal with the weekend crowds :)
  9. Could someone please ad the prices to the title slide, concession adult, child etc and also is there free motorcycle parking?
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    title slide?
    prices e-Ticket: Show Event
    Visitor Information | Sydney Motorcycle Show

    nfi on parking.. be nice to know.. (have requested info)
    then again.. free parking in Sydney? :D

    venue people say to "pre-book your parking in advance"

    Where do I park my motorbike?
    Dedicated motorbike parking can be found:

    • on Herb Elliott Avenue
    • inside the P1 Car Park (before the boom gates),
    • bay allocated next to the P6 Car Park, off Australia Ave.
    Standard fees apply if you enter a car park.
  11. I was wondering what your last slave died of but then noticed you're signature is right, common sense isn't your forte.
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  12. No Honda stand or am I reading the floor plan wrong?
  13. they might be outside with their Endurocross setup? but not on the exhibitor list... weird..

    $5 parking for bike is better than what they are charging for a cage! but not free...
    then again, if the "major sales area" is just going to be MCAS.. may as well leave wallet at home ;)

    all I want is for Triumph to have a Street Triple R for test rides...
  14. Bill, want to join up and go Friday night?
  15. Hi George, I was planning on going Sunday and spending most of the day there.
  16. Hope there's a boot cleaning stand! I haven't had mine cleaned since the show was in Sydney last time!
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  17.  Top
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  18. KTM giving this a miss as well, these shows seem to be dying a slow death.
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  19. Definitely going, probably Friday morning at this stage
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    I'll be there Friday. We need some sort of sign to recognise the new faces, maybe we should all get netrider tattoos (can't find the picture from a few years ago but once seen - never forgotten).

    Edit - fudging autocorrect changed N e r t r a i d e r to Netrider which was the entire point of mentioning it FFS.
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