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[Nov 2-3 2013] Oxley Hwy Run

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by BillyO, Oct 8, 2013.

Oxley Hwy Run / 2-3rd Nov
Start Date: Nov 2, 2013 08:00
End Date: Nov 3, 2013 17:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

Oxley Hwy

Posted By: BillyO

Confirmed Attendees: 2
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  1. Given the success and addiction of a recent run, we are putting together another one.

    The plan is to meet at pre-booked accommodation in or around Nabiac NSW, just off the Pacific Hwy on the Friday night, 1st Nov.

    Attendees get there at your own leisure, alone or organise with other members, whatever! Just get there with enough time to get in a couple of drinks over a chat and some decent sleep which will be needed for the next day.

    (I'll be hitting the Hwy for a boring but quick run after work to avoid our Fauna)

    Below are the proposed routes, so not for the feint hearted....

    Sat - http://goo.gl/maps/haQIW

    Sun - http://goo.gl/maps/GeXp9

    It will be run at a 'decent' pace (choosing words carefully here)... although my experience is that slower riders catch up fairly quickly at the designated stops, which will be frequent given my abysmal fuel range!

  2. you might like to revise the map :LOL: but that said I might be interested in this ride...
  3. There are a few reasons the map is the way it is....

    -Departure location is ideal for a few of the start up riders. Also want to avoid back road riding for the Friday night.
    -Main aim is to run the Oxley a few times, pref twice up/once down.
    -Relatively shorter day on the sat as to head toward Walcha before the western sun is at a blinding angle. We'll need to time the Sat morn start accordingly.
    -Thunderbolts way out of Walcha a must too.
    -Return trip may change. Putty may be substituted for Wollombi & Old Pac. Decide on the day though.

    Any suggestions on the map?
  4. Well im definitely in. And a plus 1
  5. The map I'M looking at shows the right half of the United States.......
  6. You don't have a passport?
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  7. I'll throw my hat in the ring since I missed the last run.
  8. I'm off to Dorrigo the weekend after so for the sake of peace at home i'd better give this one the flick. Seeing you're staying at Nabiac, a visit to the museum is a must if you can get to town early.
  9. you can count me in!

    Helibars delivered today, so can't wait to try them out on this one,

    i drove to port mcquarie & back in the last two days, that trip alone is worth necking yourself from the shear boredom, however looking forward to the rest
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  10. Hullo @BillyO

    RSVP'd Maybe. Am riding to PI, leaving 15th and returning 24/25th so don't think I can build up enough brownie points to shove off so soon for another 3 days - even if I put the toilet seat down! So don't book accommodation, if I come I'll wing it.
  11. I've done this stretch 3 times in the last 3 weeks on the bike, twice heading north so at least I knew the oxley was coming up, but heading back south after coming across from walcha was the worst, 35 degrees in leathers didn't make the experience any more pleasant either.

    A must do deviation on a bike is "Wooton Way" (the old pacific highway), just north of Buladelah : http://goo.gl/maps/SE3ny

    It's about the only thing that keeps my sanity, and only adds a few minutes onto the trip (no extra distance).
  12. Sorry guys just realized its the wife's birthday, so no chance:(
  13. What!???? It'll be fine. Tell her that she'll have another one next year!
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  14. So what are the details for accommodation etc. You said it was pre booked. How do I get in on that? Depending on cost and weather I think I'm in :D
  15. Where in Nabiac are we meeting up and what time? I'm planning on taking Friday off and cruising up to Singleton, Dungog then either Nabiac via Gloucester or Bulahdelah.
  16. I haven't booked any accommodation as yet but inquired st The Nabiac Hotel.
    Rooms work out approx $30/person for a night.

    I won't be booking until about Thursday though so I'll need firm numbers by then. Allow $30-50 for accom per night. If no rooms are available there, I'll look elsewhere nearby.
  17. Sweet as.
  18. Allright I'm a firm yes if it's still going ahead. I have very fond memories of the oxley.
  19. Sounds like a decent route. I'm a bit nervous about the 5 0 though. Fancy some company Friday? What time were you thinking of leaving?
  20. The boys in blue are far less abundant up that way...

    I'm not entirely sure what time I'm leaving Friday but aiming to leave Drummoyne around 5-6pm. I can give you a bit of a heads up and meet somewhere around Hornsby. How much time would you need to get there from where you are , keeping in mind Friday afternoon traffic?