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QLD [Nov 14, 2015] BrisVegas NR rides (Around Brisbane, QLD)

Discussion in 'QLD' started by CaffeineMonster, Nov 12, 2015.

BrisVegas NR rides
Start Date: Nov 14, 2015 09:00
End Date: Nov 14, 2015 11:00
Time Zone: Australia/Brisbane +10:00 AEST


Around Brisbane, QLD

Posted By: CaffeineMonster

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  1. Hi All,

    Few folk have mentioned they are keen to organize some rides around Brissy with fellow NR's, so thought should start it's own thread instead of hijacking other folks threads.

    I would be keen go for ride this weekend (Saturday / Sunday both ok) and in the future. So if you're interested go ahead and post ideas, suggestions.

    BTW, personally I am a new rider - so would prefer less challenging roads / twisties to begin with. Am fine doing speed limits and suggested speeds for corners (laugh if you wish - I'll get there in good time), so aren't a complete goose.
  2. I'm a Brisbane rider and would be keen for a ride this weekend weather permitting.
  3. I'm in too. Sunday is better for me. It's clichéd but what about Nebo/Glorious in the morning. It's a great ride even at the posted speed limits.

    What part of Brisbane are you coming from CaffeineMonster?
  4. I could do something different to Glorious to be honest. That said, a ride is better than not.
  5. Hey, I'm in Redlands, Sunday would be fine for me. Was hoping to build up to Nebo/Glorious - not sure I want try them straight away as only got licence last Monday and am on new bike am still running her in.

    Will check out google street view of some of the corners see how I feel about them. Otherwise, any other nice roads a noob can be comfortable on?
  6. You'd probably be surprised with the Glorious run as it isn't a difficult ride by any means. The speeds are 80 pretty much the whole way unless you get stuck behind a car doing a lot slower. There are a couple of tighter blind corners but the speed is very slow there so it isn't an issue.

    With that said, sounds like you've got your head on properly in terms of not taking on too much too soon.

    BMWRXBMWRX and I are brothers who go up there all the time and if you'd like a slower guided tour to get your bearings too....that's no drama at all.

    No pressure from us.

    There are some good roads up towards the sunny coast too that I'd like to ride.......in the hinterland. Is there a book or any maps on this stuff? Something like 'Dirty Weekends' for riders?
  7. Where are you guys located? I don't know / remember much of roads in and around Brissy. Have just returned after 18 years elsewhere, but am remembering quickly how nice areas surrounding Brissy are so happy to explore
  8. We're over towards the west side of the city. BMWRXBMWRX is at Oxley and I'm at Springfield. That said......can ride anywhere.
  9. My build up will be a quiet round trip to Dayboro. Still a bit of confidence building to do.
  10. Just google street viewed Nebo/Glorious rds - certainly beautiful scenery up there. I'd certainly be up for Dayboro - then see how feel about conquering Nebo/Glorious.
    If few of us at different levels we can always split after Dayboro if necessary. Just need starting / meeting time and place then I guess
  11. That's fine......gotta do what you think is best as you don't get many second chances on two wheels. FWIW I'm a newer rider too on my LAMS.

    Sunday morning?
  12. Sunday morning good. I could meet you guys over towards Springfield, then head up Centenary I guess. Might need secondary meeting spot for others who want join
  13. I'll PM you my mobile number so we can sort it out on the day too as no doubt things happen and change.

    Happy to meet closer to you too.

    There is a 7-11 at Jindalee just off of the Centenary across the road from the home maker centre that is a good meeting spot too. Bit closer towards the city.
  14. If it's Sunday, I'm quite likely in. I don't really care what or where the plan is.
  15. It's not a great forecast TBH. 60% chance of 1 - 5mm :depressed:
  16. Yeah we'll have to play it by ear. Saturday looks worse. I'll PM you guys my mobile now in any case.

    But if it goes ahead teefteef by the looks of your bike, you're not allowed out of first gear. :)
  17. Nah Probably won't bring the ZX, I'll likely bring the Tiger. I'm not a smart arse in groups anyway, my ONLY goal is for everyone to have a good time whether brand new or a 40 year veteran.
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  18. Jindalee 7-11 I can find I think - would come across logan motorway I think (otherwise get lost). Last place I lived in Brissy back in '98 was Centenary, so should remember there bit better
  19. I'm northside so I could meet you on the way somewhere. I was planning to do the Jinker Track - bike will be barely warmed up by then, then out Bunja Road to Mt Sampson Road and up from there.
  20. I was thinking more for our new friend to be introduced to mountain riding.

    What time shall we meet at Jindalee? The earlier, the better for me.